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NBA Trade Rumors: Bogut To The Cleveland Cavaliers, Ibaka Heads To The Celtics

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in desperation mode and are in search of some vital pieces for their quest for back to back championships. The first and most important need for the Cavaliers is another playmaker. Several sources have already pointed out that Cleveland is currently in the process of getting a free agent through some try-outs. However, another glaring need for the Cavaliers is at the center position and some sources are saying that Andrew Bogut is even closer to being in a Cavaliers uniform.

There are already rumors of Andrew Bogut being eyed by the Cleveland Cavaliers a few weeks ago. However, it is only recently that these talks have intensified into a fever pitch. According to The West Australian, The Andrew Bogut to the Cleveland Cavaliers rumor has reached a more serious state as the Cavs are looking to add the big man in their playoff run.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers had a rough start to the year and their weaknesses have been exposed by other teams. Lebron James called the Cavaliers “a top-heavy team” and that they will need a new playmaker so that he and Kyrie Irving can unload more of the playmaking burdens of Cleveland.

While that is being taken care of with names like Lance Stephenson and Kirk Hinrich thrown into the mix. The Cavaliers are seemingly hell bent on patching up their second unit woes by signing the capable Andrew Bogut. While another playmaker will make the Cleveland Cavaliers better, the acquisition of Andrew Bogut will certainly make the Cavaliers closer to the level their rival, Golden State Warriors, is currently playing at.

Andrew Bogut will do a lot of wonders for the Cleveland Cavaliers. His presence will give the Cavaliers great rim protection which is something that they are lacking. Bogut will also provide a great rebounding team like Cleveland an extra gear when it comes to cleaning up the boards. Opponents will have a harder time getting second chance opportunities against the front-court rotation of Bogut, Thompson, and Kevin Love.

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One big problem for the Cleveland Cavaliers is that they will need to absorb the 11 million contract of Bogut. For the cash-strapped Cavaliers, that will probably mean taking another huge hit at their salary cap situation. The team probably won’t give up any of their top stars and will have to gut the bench further to get Bogut.

However, getting another playmaker and Andrew Bogut might spell the difference between a back to back championship or becoming 2-1 against the Golden State Warriors in the finals.

Elsewhere, the Boston Celtics are looking to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers in the east by getting Serge Ibaka. The Boston Celtics are on an impressive run as of late and they have even managed to snag the No. 2 spot in the East. However, it remains unlikely that the young and plucky Celtics can topple the extremely talented Cleveland Cavaliers in a playoff series.

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That is why the acquisition of Serge Ibaka will give the Boston Celtics a fighting chance to beat the Cleveland machine. Serge Ibaka is a great rim protector and his acquisition will give Boston a much-needed upgrade. His rebounding prowess will be a huge lift for the Celtics who are one of the worst in rebounding despite having an impressive win-loss record in the east.

Ibaka’s range will also be a great complement to budding point guard Isiah Thomas’ play. Ibaka can stretch the floor which will give Thomas more room to operate. Ibaka might be a better fit for the Celtics instead of Carmelo Anthony.

According to NESN, Ibaka is on the way out of Orlando. The team knows the power forward is not resigning with them in the offseason and have to deal him before the deadline. This might be Boston’s best opportunity to nab someone as unique as Serge Ibaka.

Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics are making moves before the trade deadline so fans better stay tuned.

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