WWE News: WWE Helps Former Diva Pay For Court Ordered Rehab

WWE News: WWE Helps Former Diva Pay For Court-Ordered Rehab

Tammy Sytch, better known to WWE fans as Sunny, was in a lot of trouble. She had numerous DUIs on her record and was on probation for three of them. While on probation, police arrested Sytch again and she was facing a lot of jail time. However, this week the news broke that her court date was canceled and Tammy worked out a deal.

TMZ caught up with Tammy Sytch on Saturday and she dropped a bombshell about why she isn’t heading back to jail. The former WWE Diva said that she is headed to court-ordered rehab and the WWE is helping pay the bill.

This is great news for Tammy Sytch because the WWE had paid her way to rehab in the past and made the decision not to continue to spend the money to help her if she continued to get into trouble. If the WWE is helping Sytch again, there has to be a good reason and fans hope she is finally serious about getting help.

WWE News: WWE Helps Former Diva Pay For Court Ordered Rehab
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In the same interview, Tammy said that she had reached out to Chyna to convince her to check into rehab before Chyna died. While there is no way to know for sure, there is a chance that Chyna dying might have flipped a switch for Sytch and that is why she might finally be getting the help she needs.

Tammy Sytch faced a lot of criminal charges in this case including breaking her probation from her three DUI arrests. The criminal charges against Sunny included driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, operating a vehicle without required financial responsibility, displaying plate card in an improper vehicle, operating a vehicle without valid inspection, and driving without Evidence of an Emission Inspection.

The good news is that Sytch was able to avoid charges of receiving stolen property and fraudulent use or removal of registered license plates, which were major crimes. Tammy was scheduled to head back to court in February to learn her fate for breaking her probation. That was canceled this week and now fans know why.

WWE News: WWE Helps Former Diva Pay For Court Ordered Rehab
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Tammy Sytch enjoyed a very successful career in the WWE as Sunny, working as a manager for tag teams like the Goodwins, Smoking Guns, and Legion of Doom. She also feuded with Sable and was instrumental in Sable getting over as a huge star as well.

However, she battled demons of alcohol and drug addiction along with her long-time boyfriend Chris Candido. The two seemed to have cleaned up their lives before Candido died in 2005 after undergoing surgery to repair his tibia and fibula.

After that, the life of Tammy Sytch started to spiral out of control. She went through a lot of relationship problems while dating a professional wrestler named Damien Darling. TMZ reported at the time that she was arrested five times in four weeks for disorderly conduct, third-degree burglary, and three counts of violating a protective order.


Sytch served 114 days in jail, during which time she was diagnosed with cancer, something she was able to survive and move on from. Then, in 2016, Tammy Sytch was arrested three times for DUI charges in a two month period. She was in rehab for 97 days and served no jail time.

It looks like Tammy Sytch is getting yet another chance. Despite numerous trips to rehab and a long stint in jail, the court system believes that another rehab trip might turn things around this time and the WWE seems willing to give it one more try as well.

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