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WWE News: Triple H ‘WrestleMania 33’ Opponent Woes Solved Via Twitter?

Chances for Seth Rollins competing are looking pretty slim for WrestleMania 33, leaving many to believe that Triple H will be without a worthy opponent if it comes down to finding a replacement. The WWE had its sights set on the Triple H match as one of the WrestleMania 33 features, so ideas on a replacement opponent have been tossed around. There’s only one problem, the names that have been mentioned so far haven’t mustered up too much enthusiasm.

SB Nation reports that Rollins’ injury should “almost certainly” cause him to miss WrestleMania 33. Despite the WWE having a ton of talent, the caliber of an opponent needed in the ring with Triple H to highlight his skills to the max doesn’t seem to be within the names mentioned. That is until now.

Wrestling Inc. reports that, so far, there have been a few names in the wind for an opponent to climb into the ring with Triple H. Shane McMahon was one of those names. Then there was some discussion around Triple H vs. Samoa Joe, and Shane vs. AJ Styles for the ring, but nothing has been set in stone.

It is not even known if these suggestions are still on the table today. The head honchos at the WWE are busy finding that opponent worthy of a Triple H match to use as their plan B if Rollins doesn’t get a medical green light in time for WrestleMania 33. While the WWE folks put their heads together, one lone tweet popped up that offered more enthusiasm than all the other suggestions put together. That tweet is seen below.

SB Nation certainly perked up at the idea, quoting the tweet and saying “YES, that is the blood feud we need.” What are the chances of getting Batista back into the ring after leaving the WWE when he couldn’t get a shot at the WWE world heavyweight championship? It was Triple H who denied Batista that match. He walked away and never looked back. Those chances might be better than you think.

WWE broke the news earlier this week about Seth Rollins injuring his knee during the Monday Night Raw segment with Triple H and Samoe Joe. The projected recuperation time Rollins needs is set at six weeks. This put Rollins chances for WrestleMania 33 at slim to none with the event slated for April 2.

While it looks grim for Rollins wrestling at WrestleMania 33, it is not a totally done deal and you just never say never, especially in the WWE. That leaves the WWE in a hunt for plan B, if a plan B is needed. Give Me Sports reports that if Rollins can’t make WrestleMania 33, then Shane McMahon will most likely be the one taking his place.

There’s always a chance someone over at the WWE head office will get wind of the Batista excitement that started with a tweet. The same pitch given to McMahon was given to Samoe Joe, as the tweet below reports. So while the talks are on, plan B isn’t a sealed deal as of yet. There’s still time for the least likely opponent to be given that same pitch: Batista.

So what about the chances of Batista even pondering a match with Triple H? Last year, Batista was approached to referee the match between Triple H vs. Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32. He wasn’t about to come back at that capacity, he was looking for “a meaningful angle, one that would likely lead to his official retirement from professional wrestling,” reports SB Nation.

WrestleMania will take place in Orlando on April 2 and while the social media users hone in on a “blood feud” for Triple H, it has to be the head honchos at WWE who make the pitch to Batista. But right now, that doesn’t seem likely as the name Batista is only being tossed around online, not in the conference rooms over at WWE.

Getting Batista to agree might not be such a big task. As luck would have it, Batista once verbalized his wish to have his retirement match with Triple H.

The writing is on the wall for the WWE, but will they read it, and better yet, heed it? The storyline is ready-made, and as SB Nation suggests, it is a bout that would lead to a “major WrestleMania moment.”

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