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Defiant Lance Armstrong Tweets Photo With Tour De France Jerseys

Lance Armstrong Twitter Jerseys

A potentially defiant Lance Armstrong tweeted a photo of him lounging on a couch — with his seven Tour de France yellow jerseys in the background. The former cyclist may have lost the titles in the record books, thanks to his doping scandal, but it appears Armstrong isn’t above celebrating them still.

Armstrong tweeted the photo of himself on Sunday, which had a panoramic view of all seven jerseys he won consecutively from 1999 to 2005, reports CBS News.

The photo’s caption was simply, “Back in Austin and just layin’ around…” Despite the evidence against him, Armstrong has continued to deny allegations that he was doping for most of his cycling career. The US Anti-Doping Agency released a scathing report stating the former cyclist lead a massive doping program on his teams.

The resulting fallout caused Armstrong’s name to be scrubbed from the Tour de France record books, erasing all seven titles he won. All of Lance Armstrong’s major sponsors have also abandoned him and he has stepped down as the head of his cancer charity, Livestrong.

Yahoo! Sports muses that Lance Armstrong’s Twitter photo is a sign that, while he may have lost the titles in the record books, the former cyclist still views himself as the seven-time Tour de France winner.

While the UCI won’t be yanking Lance’s jerseys off his wall (and it looks like he’d put up a fight if they did), the International Olympic Committee may take away his medals, if they decide to rule against him.

Do you think that Lance Armstrong’s Twitter photo showing his seven yellow Tour de France jerseys was an act of defiance, or simply a photo showing the former cyclist relaxing at home?

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7 Responses to “Defiant Lance Armstrong Tweets Photo With Tour De France Jerseys”

  1. Hannah Shaya

    The photo illustrates the delusion that Lance Armstrong is experiencing. The disgraced cheater, liar and bully was stripped of all 7 TdF wins and will likely be removed from the Olympic record books soon. Unfortunately Armstrong's narcissism prevents him from focusing on anything but himself and his grandiose vision of his fraudulent self. He would be better served to come clean, apologize and ask forgiveness. If he continues down the path he has chosen, he'll be booted from serving on the board of his charity — the one that he has already relinquished his Chairman's position.

  2. Justin Huang

    Sadly, just means that in his eyes, it's all a game and cheating is part of it

  3. Jonathan Geair

    Lance has given much to cycling, BUT cycling has also been very good to Lance. For him to continue to with this farce in light of so many others coming clean and being punished so the sport may move forward just illustrates his level narcissism.

  4. Vashek Bednarski

    The difference between Lance and his detractors is that he can relax, but they can't (they keep pointing to those titles-jerseys on the wall).

  5. Jason Houghoughi

    yes he might have done the wrong thing, and yes in that time alot of the riders were doing it, not saying it is right, but at the end of the day drugs or no drugs against the people he raced at that time he is still 7 times winner… they were on the juice as well….and even if some wernt I doubt if they were on the same shit as him they could still win 7 titles in a row.

  6. Jason Houghoughi

    i just hope nothing comes out about cadel later on im pretty sure he is clean, the should really award him the tour de france for 2005 if thats the case…..!!, never should leave it blank

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