Roman Reigns in the air

WWE Pushes Roman Reigns On Fans As A Superstar Despite Not Doing The Work?

The WWE is at it again, putting Roman Reigns up on that pedestal. They consider Reigns the WWE equivalent to NFL’s Tom Brady in a new poll they set up. This is despite Reigns not having the equivalent in milestone wins as the New England Patriots’ quarterback.

As Give Me Sports suggests, “Brady’s, a four-time Super Bowl champion, three-time Super Bowl MVP, two-time NFL MVP, 12-time Pro Bowler, and a guaranteed first-ballot Hall of Famer when he retires.” Now look at what Reigns has done in the WWE. It’s not much compared to what Brady’s carrying with him when he does make his way to the Hall of Fame.

While the WWE put Reigns up there with Brady, the fans didn’t. This was also indicated by the poll. The poll is posted on the WWE website and it asks “Which of these WWE superstars would you consider to be the WWE equivalent to Tom Brady?” The four choices are John Cena, Roman Reigns, Triple H, and Other.

Fans were quick to pick just about anybody rather than Roman Reigns. He has the least amount of votes at only nine percent. John Cena is at 64 percent, Triple H is at 15 percent and Other is at 15 percent of the votes cast by the WWE fans.

As Give Me Sports suggests just the fact the WWE put Reigns in that poll shows how much they like him and consider him a superstar even if the WWE fans don’t. A recent interview with WWE’s Kurt Angle shed even more light on the phenomenon going on with the WWE and Roman Reigns.

According to Yahoo News, Angle sees the WWE basically to blame for the fans not liking Reigns. The reason for those boos when Reigns makes his way to the ring is because the WWE holds the wrestler in such high regard despite Reigns not doing the work to get there.

The fans are well aware that Reigns didn’t work his way up the hard ladder that the other wrestlers did before they made their way into superstar status. Angle, who has been around the wrestling business for a long time, sees folks hating Reigns with a passion. Not to say that Reigns doesn’t have some fans out there, which is seen in the tweet below.

The reason for all the hatred is that Reigns hasn’t earned that superstar status yet, but the WWE “just threw him up there right away and the fans don’t like that,” said Angle. The WWE fans want the wrestlers to “earn their keep,” which is something Reigns hasn’t done yet, said Angle. He is constantly getting title shots without working his way up the ranks. Yahoo News calls the WWE’s handling of Reigns as “shoving him down fans’ throats.”

As far as Angle’s personal thoughts on Reigns – he really likes the guy, as do most of the WWE wrestlers. Angle thinks that Reigns will one day earn that respect of the fans by working his way through the fights. He needs be a secondary champion for a while before moving up like the rest of the WWE wrestlers have in the past.

Angle sees Vince McMahon knowing what he’s doing with Reigns by pushing him through these bouts. As time goes on and Reigns gets in the ring with more and more matches the percentage of people who don’t like him will start to wane. More and more people will see him do his dues in the WWE and they will eventually come around. Reigns has made a career of being the most hated wrestler in WWE so far, but that’s probably not a title he is going to want to keep forever.

What might help in bringing the fans around is the total package Reigns offers. He sports the biggest pecks in the land and as far as his looks – the guy is gorgeous. The Kurt Reigns experiment really didn’t work. It seems the WWE found there is no fast tracking of a wrestling superstar, the fans just won’t buy it.

[Featured Image by Manish Swarup/AP Images]