HTC Vs Apple Patent Lawsuit

HTC, Apple Agree To Global Patent Partnership For Next 10 Years

Could Apple be changing its patent attacking course? The world’s largest company instead of filing countless new lawsuits against HTC has chosen to settle its cases on a global scale.

Posted on the Apple website CEO Tim Cook announced on Saturday:

“We are glad to have reached a settlement with HTC. We will continue to stay laser focused on product innovation.”

While HTC CEO Peter Chou further noted:

“HTC is pleased to have resolved its dispute with Apple, so HTC can focus on innovation instead of litigation.”

Under terms of the deal the two company’s will share patents for 10-years. The deal includes present and future patents for both businesses.

Apple and HTC have not revealed what type of monetary considerations are being given at this time.

HTC has been at odds with Apple for years, constantly fighting over various mobile patents for hardware and software. In August 2012 HTC said it had no intention to settle patent arguments with Apple. By September 2012 the company reversed its decision and began settlement talks with Apple.

Recently the two company’s told a court that settlement talks had not led to an agreement.

HTC’s willingness to settle with Apple may have come about after the tech giant won $1.05 billion from competitor Samsung.

Patent lawyers for months have complained about the rampant use of patent lawsuits. Critics worry that patents, many of which are never implemented by the patent filing company are being used to hold innovation hostage until tech firms pay for their use.

Do you think the patent system in the United States is in need of a major overhaul?