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George Lopez: ‘Tangerine’ Trump Took Six Days To Have U.S. At War With Mexico

George Lopez has never shied away from revealing his true thoughts about United States President Donald Trump. The Detroit News reported that the American actor and comedian, whose heritage is Mexican, is furious with Trump’s actions in the first six days of his presidency.

Referring to Trump’s mission to build a wall on America’s border with Mexico, and the Mexican President subsequently cancelling his scheduled meeting with Trump, George Lopez noted that “Mexico has always been a partner of the United States,” and that it has only taken six days for the “tangerine” to have the United States “almost at war with Mexico for some wall.”

“A wall, bro? A wall, when you don’t have [clean] water in Flint? We need more things than a wall and we lose more jobs to other countries than we do to Mexico. If an immigrant has come and taken your job, take it back.”

Just last week, George Lopez protested Trump’s decision not to have a Latino member of his cabinet, noting that it was the “first time since 1988” that this has occurred. Vibe reported that Lopez took to Twitter on the eve of Trump’s inauguration, encouraging his fans to join him in a “#Brownout” protest.

George Lopez’s disdain for Donald Trump is nothing new. In fact, shortly after the Republican candidate was confirmed to be America’s next President, George Lopez says Donald Trump could “suck my a**,” according to Breitbart. The 55-year-old comedian appeared to be unhappy about the Republican’s election victory and recent inauguration. In fact, half of America felt the same way.

Unlike other celebrities who have previously promised to leave the United States if Trump became the new U.S. President, George Lopez may actually keep his promise. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston recently disappointed his fans by changing his political stance following Trump’s election victory.

And while Cranston wished the U.S. President-elect “success,” George Lopez is not warming up to Trump just yet. In fact, when asked by a TMZ reporter at LA International Airport shortly after the election result was confirmed if he would give the former television star “a chance,” the comedian said he would give Trump “a chance to suck my a**.”

George Lopez’s offensive response came just days after his fellow comedian Dave Chappelle suggested while hosting Saturday Night Live that he would give Trump a chance. Although the Latino comedian hasn’t left the U.S. yet, he was one of the first celebrities to threaten to leave the country if Trump became the new President. And his jibes against the President haven’t stopped since then.

Weeks after Trump announced he would be running for President in 2016, George Lopez told TMZ that if Trump wins the election, he wouldn’t “have to worry about immigration” because “we’ll all go back.”

In fact, George Lopez has already hinted that he’s packing his stuff to “go back.” During his chat with TMZ, the Latino comedian said the media shouldn’t “worry” about his residential status or the country he’ll go.

“And I’m not going to tell you where I’m going to go, it’ll drive up real estate prices. Because in a f***ing year, nobody’s going to want to be here.”

George Lopez also announced that he had stopped eating Cheetos, saying that he doesn’t eat anything orange now that Trump is the new U.S. President. Whether the comedian is serious or not, people have mocked Trump for his orange complexion for years.

George Lopez’s frustration with Trump’s election victory is quite understandable. In April 2016, the comedian went public with his support for former Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders, who ended up losing the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton.

In his interview with Big Boy TV, George Lopez said there was one thing he didn’t agree on with Sanders, and that was the Vermont Senator’s tax proposal.

“I can’t pay any more taxes; it’s ridiculous. But, so, we’ll figure it out. I really just did it to get the awareness out and have people vote.”

The day Trump was declared the next U.S. President, George Lopez joined Seth Meyers and John Oliver on stage of a benefit event hosted by the Natural Resources Defense Council, according to Fox News.

George Lopez, Meyers, and Oliver joined their comic forces to talk about the shocking victory of Trump at the U.S. 2016 presidential election. When the NRDC announced the event, it had the original plan to celebrate Clinton’s win.

But it caught George Lopez and his two fellow comedians off guard when Trump won the election, so they didn’t really crack many jokes during the event. They admitted that they had prepared tons of jokes to throw at Trump in the event of his loss, but it seems that they should have prepared some comedy material in the event of Trump’s victory, too.

When George Lopez came on stage, he announced that he “can’t stay long,” apparently hinting at his plans to leave the country.

“I’d LIKE to, but I don’t think I have anything to say about it.”

And when George Lopez pulled out a sheet of paper, he announced that it wasn’t his notes. Instead, he said he was holding his birth certificate.

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