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Hillary Clinton Unsecured Email Scandal – A Lot Of Hot Air Over Nothing?

Calls For Clinton To Hand Over Server In Private Email Scandal

Giving her first press conference in over two years, Hillary Clinton faced the cameras yesterday, denying any illegality in her actions concerning use of a private, unsecured email account for business purposes. Journalists are hungry for the truth, as is America, following Mrs Clinton’s refusal to hand over the server employed while using the email… Read more »

‘SNL’ Takes On Hillary Clinton Emails In Hilarious Parody [Video]

SNL poked fun at the Hillary Clinton email scandal

Hillary Clinton has recently been at the center of a controversy over accusations that she used her personal email account for official communications during her term as Secretary of State, as reported by the Inquisitr. And while Clinton hasn’t been very vocal as to whether or not she actually broke the law, SNL has been… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Policy With Use Of Personal Email Account

Hillary Clinton Violated State Department Policy With Use of Personal Email Account

Hillary Clinton violated State Department rules in effect since 2005 when she used a personal email account to conduct government business during her years as Secretary of State. The State Department policy specifically warns agency officials from using personal email accounts to conduct governmental work, according to Politico. A senior government official tells ABC News… Read more »

War Stories Faked By Current And Former Politicians

War Stories Are Lies

War stories have been inflated, fabricated, and exaggerated by current and former political figures for years. The recent coverage of NBC News anchor Brian William and his embellished war story about his near-death experience in the Iraq War in 2003 is not new. Former and current politicians have made up war stories about events that… Read more »

Angelina Jolie Named The Most Admired Woman In The World

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, actress, director, mother, philanthropist, and special envoy for the United Nation High Commission For Refugees has been voted the most admired woman in the world, according to the Daily Mail. In a poll of over 25,000 people across the globe, the 39-year-old actress and mother-of-six was chosen as the most admirable lady of… Read more »

Sarah Palin Accidentally Raised Thousands For Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Sarah Palin shocked the world when she admitted she was “seriously” considering running for president in 2016, especially after arguably ruining John McCain’s chances of winning against Obama six years ago. With super-conservative Sarah Palin making a sincere go at the White House, it’s especially embarrassing for her to accidentally throw $25,000 worth of support… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Admits Being A ‘Little Bit Crazy’ To Run For President

Hillary Clinton Dead Broke

Hillary Clinton claimed her family’s financial status was near poverty level, after her and former president Bill Clinton left the White House. Hillary received a lot of criticism for her comments describing the family’s financial situation. Earlier last year, Hillary Clinton said this about her family’s economic circumstances. “You have no reason to remember, but… Read more »

Hillary Clinton Paid Up To $300,000 For Delivering Speeches

Hillary Clinton Paid Well

Hillary Clinton is making hundreds of thousands of dollars for speaking at universities, Wall Street banks, and industry conventions across the United States. Clinton is the only 2016 presidential contender being paid for speeches she delivers. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the Washington Post obtained copies of e-mails and other internal communication of Clinton’s… Read more »

Ralph Nader Declares Hillary Clinton A Menace To America [Video]

hillary vs nader

Ralph Nader probably won’t be on Hillary Clinton’s Christmas card list. Nader claims that the likely 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Clinton is a “menace” to the U.S., even though both are on the left-liberal end of the ideological spectrum. The consumer advocate and political activist has himself previously run for president on the Green Party… Read more »