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Seminary Professor Calls Barack Obama A ‘Brown-Faced Clinton’

Are Liberals throwing Barack Obama under the bus?

Barack Obama is accused of a good many things, sometimes fairly, sometimes not so fairly. It may come as a shock — especially to anyone who would consider themselves right wing or even moderate in their politics — that someone is criticizing Barack Obama because he’s too conservative. However, that’s exactly what one seminary professor… Read more »

Hillary Clinton 2016: What Is Her ‘Very Specific Agenda?’

Hillary Clinton...does anyone seriously think she won't run in 2016?

Hillary Clinton 2016. We’re all thinking it, even if the former First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York and Secretary of State is being coy about whether she’ll run or not. Now she’s adding a silly attempt to sound coy about what her agenda will be, hinting only that it will be specific. An AP… Read more »

Did Google Intentionally Bury ‘America’ Movie In Search Results?

google America movie

Did Google intentionally bury America: Imagine a World Without Her in its search results? That is exactly what award-winning producer Dinesh D’Souza wants to know. The political movie focuses on Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Saul Alinsky and the impact the policies of progressives and views President Barack Obama have had on the United States. The… Read more »

Costco Bans ‘America: Imagine A World Without Her’ From Stores Nationwide

DSouza-America book banned by costco

Costco banned the sale of America: Imagine A World Without Her at all of its stores nationwide. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza recently released a political documentary based on the book. The successful and controversial writer and filmmaker focuses, at least in part, on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and… Read more »

Hillary Clinton: Defending Rapist Was ‘Obligation’ (Video)


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said defending an Arkansas rapist was her “obligation” in a new video making its rounds on YouTube. Clinton, who at the time was a law professor at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, said she actually tried to get off the case that had her defending a child rapist… Read more »

‘Clinton: The Musical’ Coming To New York


For anyone who has ever dreamed of seeing the Monica Lewinsky scandal brought to life with musical accompaniment, you wish may just be coming true. According to Mother Jones, two Australian writers have developed a musical based on the oft-times tumultuous lives of former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton…. Read more »

Mitt Romney Will Not Run For President In 2016, So Please Stop Asking

Mitt Romney Nixes Presidential Talk Once And For All

Mitt Romney for President — again? It seems with all the speculation on the Democrat side about whether Hillary Clinton will or won’t try for the Oval Office in two years, Republican pontificators are now wanting to get in on the action by speculating about their own 2012 presidential nominee. However, this story, which keeps… Read more »

Website For Cheaters Uses Hillary Clinton’s Face On Billboard


Known for being far from classy, the pro-cheating website Ashley Madison is at it again with a billboard in the Chicago area that pokes some fun at Hillary Clinton’s new book Hard Choices while advertising its website to married men who want to cheat on their spouses. The billboard displays a picture of Hillary Clinton… Read more »

Chelsea Clinton Says She Admires President George Bush

Chelsea Clinton admires President Bush? Stranger things have happened.

Chelsea Clinton. That’s not exactly the first name that comes to mind when you think of people who admire President George Bush, but according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor, she took a moment during a speech to express admiration for the Republican former president. President George H.W. Bush, that is, the 41st… Read more »

Hillary Clinton 2016: Could The Republicans Beat Her If She Runs?

Hillary Clinton is beatable in 2016.

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee if she chooses to run. Write it down. Republicans would be wise to start devising their strategy to deal with a Hillary Clinton nominee in 2016. She doesn’t have a once-in-a-lifetime-chance opponent like she did in 2008 in Barack Obama. Nobody on the Democratic Party horizon is even… Read more »

Is Hillary Clinton’s New Book A Dud?

Is Hillary Clinton's new book a dud?

Is the Hillary Clinton memoir Hard Choices a dud despite all the hoopla? Simon & Schuster paid the former first lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State a $14 million advance, but will the publisher ever get its money’s worth? An insider reportedly says no way. The book is currently number one on Amazon out… Read more »