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Ted Nugent On Donald Trump: ‘What America Needs Right Now”

ted nugent

Ted Nugent may be in the hot seat right now over his outspoken support of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, as well as the dentist who is under fire for killing a lion, but it doesn’t seem that Ted Nugent cares overmuch what people think of him. Ted speaks his mind with no apology. His beliefs… Read more »

Salma Hayek Despises Donald Trump So Much She Refuses To Say His Name

Salma Hayek and Donald Trump

Many people have spoken out about presidential hopeful Donald Trump for his many comments that have been interpreted as racist or sexist. While Donald Trump is actually doing remarkably well in the polls, some celebrities are doing what they can to speak out against the GOP candidate — and others are trying to avoid giving… Read more »

Hulk For Trump? Lou Ferrigno Hopes Donald Trump Becomes President

Lou Ferrigno

Actor Lou Ferrigno is apparently rooting for Donald Trump to become the next President of the United States. Lou Ferrigno — ‘I Love Donald Trump’ (VIDEO) — TMZ (@TMZ) July 28, 2015 In an interview with TMZ, the Hulk actor did not hesitate to express his admiration for Donald Trump, and his hope that… Read more »

Federal Student Loans Help Now, Hinder Later

Federal Student Loans

Federal student loans are a controversial subject these days. Once viewed as the saving grace for individuals who could not afford the astronomical cost of college, we have now learned that once the required semesters are complete, students find themselves swimming in debt due to federal student loans. Presidential candidate, real estate mogul, and reality… Read more »

Donald Trump Leads In Latest CNN Poll

Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Jeb Bush in a new poll by CNN/ORC.

Donald Trump has pulled ahead in a new poll by CNN/ORC, with the tycoon garnering 3 percent more support from Republicans than his nearest rival, Jeb Bush. Since the results of another CNN/ORC poll were published on July 1, his support amongst Republicans has risen by 6 percent to 18 percent. Meanwhile, support for Bush… Read more »

Is Donald Trump Really A Democrat In Republican Clothes?

Is Donald Trump A Democrat In Republican Clothes

Donald Trump is running for president on the Republican ticket and his conservative views on immigration have grabbed national headlines, but the billionaire might be a Democrat in disguise. During The Donald’s five previous almost-presidential runs, he made a series of comments that could be called questionable at best and downright liberal at their worst…. Read more »