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Why I Would Vote Donald Trump For President [Opinion] [Video]

Donald Trump for President 2016

Donald Trump has been a celebrity for decades, even before the success of his wildly popular reality TV shows The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice. Say what you will about Donald Trump, the man knows what he’s doing. If Donald Trump does decide to pursue a Republican nomination to run for president in the 2016 election,… Read more »

Ivanka Trump Redefines The Working Woman [Video]

Ivanka Trump Working Mother

Ivanka Trump is not just an American business executive, former model, and writer. She is also married to real estate mogul Jared Kushner and the mother of two children, daughter Arabella Rose and son Joseph Frederick. In addition, the 33-year-old is founder of the Ivanka Trump fashion brand, executive vice president of development and acquisitions… Read more »

Donald Trump: The U.S. Is ‘Getting Laughed At By Everybody’

Donald Trump hints at a presidential run in 2016

The Inquisitr reported Saturday that Donald Trump is once again hinting that he may run for president, saying he could “do the job” in a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit – now he is saying he is really considering a presidential bid on 2016. In an interview with Fox News, Trump responded to doubts… Read more »

Donald Trump On 2016 Presidential Run: ‘I Can Do The Job’

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is hinting once again that he may run for president in 2016. In a speech Saturday at the Iowa Freedom Summit, he maintained he could do the job that neither Mitt Romney, nor Jeb Bush can do. CBS News reports Donald Trump told the conservative crowd in Iowa he is “seriously thinking about… Read more »

Donald Trump Explains Why He May Run For President [Video]

Donald Trump May Run For President

Donald Trump is seriously considering running for president in 2016. Trump has not decided as of yet; however, his upcoming plans will have a bearing on his decision. Donald Trump boarded his $100 million, custom Boeing 757 airliner and flew to the 2015 South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention at Springmaid Beach Resort, in Myrtle… Read more »

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Praises Donald Trump

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Digs Donald Trump

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the former WWE Superstar, has one of the most successful podcasts in the world in both his family-friendly version and the Thursday “cluster muck.” What makes the show so successful and such a joy to listen to is his willingness to engage fans and speak to them like they’re long-time buddies…. Read more »

Eric Trump, Donald’s Son, Marries Lara Yunaska, Who Wears Bandages

Eric Trump

Eric Trump may not have the same attitude and brashness as his father Donald Trump, but he has enough charisma to capture a beautiful woman. On November 8, Trump married long-time girlfriend Lara Yunaska at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda by the Sea in Palm Beach, Florida. According to People, the newlywed couple were joined… Read more »

Two-Year-Old Boy Identified As Ebola Patient Zero


Ten months after the first signs of trouble, Patient Zero has been identified in Africa’s deadly Ebola outbreak. CNN reports two year old Emile Ouamouno from a small village in Guniea, West Africa has been identified as the original case of this latest Ebola outbreak. Young Emile passed away just four days after first showing… Read more »

Donald Trump Questions Obama’s Sanity, Calls President ‘Psycho’

Obama Trump

Donald Trump has always been vocal in his criticism of President Obama, from perpetuating the “Birther” theories to his latest tweet, where he slammed the President for what Trump views as a major oversight in the handling of the current Ebola crisis. “I am starting to think that there is something seriously wrong with President… Read more »