Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet Hit With Various Hardware Complaints

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet has only been available for several weeks, but already the device is being hit with various complaints in regards to its hardware.

Threads have begun to appear on Microsoft’s support forums in which users are complaining about random device muting and audio stuttering. The audio problems are occurring when the devices are in standby mode and sometimes while being used.

Other Surface RT tablet users have complained that the Touch Cover attachment is splitting and fraying. Microsoft touted the Touch Cover as a main selling point for the new Microsoft created tablet.

Microsoft retail sources are claiming that nearly 20 percent of Surface tablets are currently being returned because of faulty Touch Covers issues.

A source at Microsoft tells Electronista:

The tablet had seen brisk sales in the weeks since its release. Recently, though, customers have begun returning the Touch Cover, and internal service documentation seems to indicate that about one out of every five Touch Covers is experiencing this hardware issue.”

As I had previously reported, Microsoft had the perfect opportunity to pounce back against the Apple iPad line. Apple iOS 6 initial reviews were generally not as positive as past releases, and Apple customer loyalty, according to several survey results, was falling for the first time in years. Unfortunately, production issues on the Surface RT tablet side will likely slow Microsoft’s own efforts to grab away market share from Apple.

Microsoft has admitted to the issues listed above but said it was only “a small number of instances of material separation.”

Do you think Microsoft’s Surface tablets can eventually compete side-by-side with Apple iPad devices?