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WWE News: Possible Reason Why NXT Star Samoa Joe Did Not Make His Main Roster Debut In The Royal Rumble

WWE NXT star Samoa Joe did not make his main roster debut like many expected during the Royal Rumble match, but there seems to be a legitimate reason why WWE did not go with his debut at this time. Obviously, the Rumble did not go as many expected and when Roman Reigns made his entrance at the number 30 spot, the boos that rained down from the audience in the Alamodome were massive.

However, the reason for this makes a bit of sense, according to Cageside Seats. They claim that the reason Samoa Joe didn’t make his debut was mostly due to the impact he would make in doing so. Obviously, if he was in the Royal Rumble, then he should go on to win it. In fact, this was even rumored at one point. It made sense in some capacity, especially with an unpredictable nature of the Rumble this year.

They claimed that the WWE possibly did not want to debut Samoa Joe in the Rumble because they did not plan on him winning, so debuting him soon after would make more sense. It would allow him to have a bigger impact on the brand, and it would allow fans to see him as a great competitor. But the question remains: When will he debut on the main roster?

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WWE may have very well thought about bringing Samoa Joe up soon, as he has not been used in any WWE NXT storyline as of late. This means he could debut as soon as this week. While by no means confirmed, it does make sense that he would arrive before WrestleMania 33. Other rumors suggest that have him working with John Cena at the event.

Of course, with John Cena being the current WWE Champion, having him drop the title to Samoa Joe at WrestleMania would be a good way to debut Joe on the main roster. However, it does make his debut come at the expense of the now 16-time World Champion and supposed top star for the WWE in John Cena. If the WWE had Samoa Joe run through Cena like AJ Styles did before him, then we could begin to lose faith in Cena as fans? If he loses a ton, that would make sense.

However, if this match occurs, it may not be for the WWE Title. According to various news outlets, including the Wrestling Observer, the WWE seems to have plans for John Cena to drop the WWE Title inside the Elimination Chamber in a few weeks. The thought is that Bray Wyatt would win the title and face his Wyatt Family partner in Randy Orton at WrestleMania 33. Orton won the Royal Rumble, so if Cena does retain after the Chamber match, he would have to face Orton and not Joe.

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This would be an excellent way for Samoa Joe to make his main roster debut. If somehow he pulled a Shawn Michaels and interfered in the Elimination Chamber to cost John Cena his WWE Title, it would allow for Cena to drop the title in a sneaky way so that he does not look weak. On top of this, Wyatt wins the big one for the first time, and it easily sets up for John Cena vs Samoa Joe at WrestleMania.

If this was the plan for WWE, then it would clearly make sense why they did not debut him in the Royal Rumble match. Obviously, it would allow the WWE to use Samoa Joe in a way that would make a huge impact. If he works with John Cena, he automatically will be put in a huge program. Plus, this allows Cena to get his record. Everyone wins in the end with this, if WWE goes down that road.

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