WWE Was Never Planning An Angle For Seth Rollins vs Triple H at Royal Rumble

WWE News: Reason Why Seth Rollins And Triple H Didn’t Appear During ‘Royal Rumble’

The WWE Universe was surprised when neither HHH nor Seth Rollins appeared during the Royal Rumble PPV last night in The Alamodome, but there was a specific reason why WWE officials kept both men off the show. It’s not that we didn’t see The Architect or The Game during the weekend. Rollins made a surprising appearance during NXT Takeover: San Antonio and “took over” the show to call out Triple H in a big way.

It’s interesting that WWE officials didn’t think of or run this angle before, but Seth Rollins’ desperation after losing his spot in the Royal Rumble match was enough for him to “hijack” NXT Takeover: San Antonio and call out Triple H during his own show. Triple H came out, but he didn’t make it further than the entry ramp before calling security to remove Rollins from the arena, which is exactly what happened to end the conflict.

It was reported that WWE had an important angle planned for HHH and Rollins that would happen during the WWE Royal Rumble PPV last night. However, both men were absent from the entire show. Instead, it was announced that Stephanie McMahon will confront Seth Rollins on Raw tonight. The WWE Universe is a little curious why WWE decided to use Rollins like they have this weekend, but it was done for a specific reason.

Seth Rollins Crashed NXT Takeover San Antonio to Find Triple H
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According to a new report, WWE officials never had any real plans to do anything with the Seth Rollins and Triple H feud heading into the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. There wasn’t a specific angle planned for the event, so the powers that be thought it was a good idea for Rollins to appear at NXT Takeover: San Antonio, especially since he logically could have made an appearance in NXT at any time over the past few months.

The point of having Seth Rollins make a surprise appearance on NXT Takeover: San Antonio was to create buzz for the NXT brand during the Royal Rumble weekend and attempt to pop a bigger rating for tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. A lot of fans are going to be expecting Triple H to retaliate when he doesn’t have a show to run, so there is a lot of speculation than there would have been heading into tonight’s Raw.

After NXT Takeover: San Antonio, Triple H responded during a backstage interview to Rollins’ invasion of NXT. In a nutshell, he told Seth Rollins that he should have been more careful about asking for The Game because both men know there is a huge difference between Triple H as a competitor and as the COO. It seems like HHH will be returning to WWE television soon and will likely be involved at WWE FastLane somehow.

Triple H Told Seth Rollins to Be Careful What You Wish For
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The 2017 Royal Rumble PPV is now in the WWE history books for better or worse. Now, WWE is headed to Orlando and on the “Road to Wrestlemania 33.” The expectation is that HHH vs. Rollins is written in stone for the event, but that is still roughly three months away. That is a lot of time to fill on WWE programming.

As a character, Seth Rollins is now at a point where he’s going to bring out The Game no matter what he has to do, so Triple H’s return to WWE television can’t be delayed much longer. WWE has teased his return for a long time, but they’re clearly building to an important moment even if it didn’t happen at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV. Seth Rollins vs. Triple H will be a great rivalry once WWE officials let them build their feud. It has been building for roughly three years, so it’s only a matter of time before the powers that be pull the trigger.

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