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Windows 8 Receives Horrible Review From Drunk Woman [Video]

Drunken Windows 8 Review

Windows 8 videos showcasing first time users utterly confused about the new operating system is nothing new. However, this might be the first video that showcases the utter confusion of a drunk woman as she experiences the new Microsoft OS for the very first time.

The drunken Windows 8 video was created by the team at Three Sheets Market Research. The team used the very simple study of feeding tequila to an active computer user who actually understands computers when sober.

The participant, Jennifer, starts off with a tough time trying to find a cute dog picture on her hard drive. Jennifer then frequently bangs on her keyword’s escape key in an attempt to return back to the start menu.

When the Three Sheets Market Research team asked their subject how to access the internet on Windows 8, she simply responded “PFFFT” before laughing uncontrollably.

The lesson learned from this video? Using a computer is hard when you are extremely inebriated. I could have told Three Sheets Market Research this same thing based on my many years of college experiences.

Check out Jennifer’s attempt at drunken Windows 8 use below:

While there have been complaints, we haven’t heard millions of users going off the deep end, which likely means Windows 8 is more user-friendly for some users than others.

Do you think Windows 8 is a tough OS to operate?

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5 Responses to “Windows 8 Receives Horrible Review From Drunk Woman [Video]”

  1. Megert Rudolf

    We all could learn how Windows8 works, sure, but, while this was the normality when computers first hit the market, it CAN NOT still be the case that we have to dedicate 50% of the time we spend on a computer to learn how a stupid OS works!
    We want computers with OS that we can operate like a phone, tv or cooling fan. Sit down, start it up and get going – Microsoft does not understand this fundamental principle of man kind.
    If their OS was for free okay, but we pay for it, so we should not have to waste all this time on figuring out how things work.

    Windows 8 is therefore the biggest blunder MS has offered so far, I already wait for Windows 9 before I purchase a new lappy again…. I just don't have the time to learn more "Windows" – give us something we can continue with our existing knowledge please.

  2. Jeremy Leishman

    Windows 8 is quite possibly the worst operating system I've ever used. I'll take xp or even vista over this garbage. It's not user friendly at all and the basic navigational skills you've come to recognize in Windows 7 are now gone and replaced with tiles in a vague attempt to keep up with touch screen technology.

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