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WWE News: Roman Reigns Says That Goldberg Has Given Him ‘Ideas’ For Wrestling — Whose Spear Is Better?

Roman Reigns is one of those superstars who the majority of fans just love to hate, but WWE just won’t stop pushing him to the moon. Many years ago, Goldberg was a superstar who WCW thought the world of, and they pushed him with a major undefeated streak and multiple title reigns. Interestingly enough, both superstars use the same finishing move, and now, Goldberg has decided to give some advice and “ideas” to Reigns.

This weekend, Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble match while Roman Reigns is taking on Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship. Both men have a lot of work to do on Sunday and could end up leaving San Antonio with a WrestleMania 33 main event slot and a title respectively.

Roman Reigns was recently a guest of “Cheap Heat with The Brian Campbell,” and he discussed a number of topics. Obviously, one of them was his feud with Owens which has been going on for quite some time and how he has the chance to become the new leading superstar on Monday Night Raw.

wwe news roman reigns goldberg ideas spear
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Then, the idea of Roman Reigns and Goldberg comparing notes on their different uses of The Spear came up, and that made things even more interesting. Reigns actually said that he has spoken with Goldberg a good bit, and the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion shared some “ideas” with him, by way of Wrestling Inc.

“We had one little brief instance where he mentioned a couple different ideas that he [has] had that he just didn’t get to use back in his day. But it seems like his days aren’t numbered. He seems like he’s doing well and thriving, so I’m sure he’s going to have an opportunity to use [the ideas]. I think he’s probably regretting giving me ideas, but I believe everybody does things their way. I like the level I take my performance. I like my athleticism. I like the way I perform my moves. If you don’t, then don’t watch. It’s that simple.”

So, Reigns is pleased with the way he does things in his career and the way he performs in the ring. That shouldn’t come as much of a shock, as no superstar is ever going to admit that someone else does something better than them, but it ends up being about respect.

Roman Reigns uses The Spear along with the Superman Punch to finish his matches. Goldberg uses The Spear and the Jackhammer to put an end to his opponents. One may think that the two would have talked about who does a better version of The Spear, but Reigns says they are different and they should be.

“But, either way, I like the difference in the spears. I think it’s important that there are a variety of different looks and different characters and just different situations. And that’s what makes the WWE special, is that it’s a circus.”

wwe news roman reigns goldberg ideas spear
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For now, Goldberg is going to be around at least through WrestleMania 33, but there is a good chance he remains with WWE a bit longer. If that ends up being the case, it is always possible that some of his “ideas” could be used on him if Roman Reigns decides to take advantage of them.

Goldberg’s return to WWE is one that a lot of fans had hoped for, but they never were quite sure it would happen. Honestly, it is likely something that Goldberg never realized would be a reality either. Now, he’s back and sharing ideas with a young star such as Roman Reigns could help, but it could also hurt. It isn’t quite known how long “The Man” will be around, but if Reigns decides to use his “ideas” before him, it could lead to the battle of the spear.

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