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WWE News: John Cena Could Be Turning Heel For The First Time In Over A Decade At ‘WWE Royal Rumble’

In what can only be seen as a shock, it certainly looks as if WWE is leading to a John Cena heel turn and it could be pretty big when it does occur. The last few weeks with John Cena has seemed odd, to say the very least. He is wanting the new generation to “recognize” because he’s John Cena, and they should respect that. He apparently can cut in line for World Title shots and he can lose yet still think he’s better than everyone else.

That is not the John Cena we’re all used to seeing in the WWE. In the case of AJ Styles, the current WWE Champion, John Cena has basically scoffed at what he has done. This past week he said Styles has been hot for six months in the WWE, yet he held the fort down for well over a decade. Cena isn’t wrong for this response, but to then make excuses about losing to AJ seems odd.

He said that Styles had not seen his best shot and while he did not say it, but implied it, that his shoulder was not 100% but now he is ready to go and can beat AJ. He basically said that the three straight loses he suffered to Styles meant nothing because he “wasn’t ready.” This is John Cena telling the current WWE Champion that those victories did not count. That is not something a babyface normally does.

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Everything John Cena has done on the mic screams a possible heel turn, even as soon as the WWE Royal Rumble event this Sunday night. He takes on AJ Styles for the WWE Championship, and if he beats Styles he would have his 16th World Title. This would tie him with the great Ric Flair. It is uncertain at this time that John Cena will win, but this could be what leads to a possible heel turn.

Many believe that if John Cena loses to AJ Styles yet again, which would be the fourth straight loss, he might go absolutely crazy. He wants to achieve the record that Flair holds. Yet the man who holds the championship is unbeatable for Cena. What better way to drive a man down a dark path than to put an unstoppable force in his way that he has to cheat or beat down to win against him?

Daily DDT believes that the John Cena heel turn could happen sometime near or after WrestleMania 33. However, it could happen earlier at WWE Royal Rumble if a loss comes to AJ. The reason is what was mentioned above, John Cena cannot lose yet again after yet another title match. He will get another one in the Elimination Chamber surely, if he does not win against AJ Styles at the Rumble event.

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WWE SmackDown Live will have their next brand show in a few weeks where the WWE Championship is set to be on the line inside the Chamber, and it is uncertain as of now who will be in the match. However, it can be assumed easily that John Cena will take part in it whether he is the WWE Champion or not. The same can be said for AJ Styles.

WWE could always be writing in this aggressive and excuse making John Cena in because they want him to be appreciated and respected. However, people seem to be pushing away from the guy. John Cena never had to tell people to “recognize” him because, well, he’s John Cena. You can recognize him anywhere, he’s pretty popular. We also know he’s a 15 time World Champion, so we know he has been very successful in the WWE.

While a John Cena heel turn is a lot to ask from the WWE, they also want to turn AJ Styles babyface as well. What better way for their WWE Royal Rumble match to end than for Cena to lose and attack Styles because of it? Then you instantly turn the WWE Champion into a face and Cena into a heel. Now you have a huge new move and ratings would blow up on WWE SmackDown Live the very next Tuesday. It would be a big move for WWE, and it seems that may be the direction they are going.

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