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Hair Flag Lady Steals Obama’s Thunder In Victory Speech, Winds Up On South Park

Hair flag lady probably didn’t plan to become a part of Election Night history, but through circumstance, chance, and her hair flag ways, the image of the woman proudly sporting an American flag in her hairdo has been enshrined in political meme history.

Hair flag lady has not, to our knowledge, come forward after becoming a viral sensation discussed along with the hashtags #Hairflag, #Flaghead, #hairflaglady or #flaginhairlady, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from talking about her big introduction to the world as the “Upstager-in-Chief.”

Hair flag lady has also been enshrined in what may be a new election tradition, the incredibly fast to arrive to television post-election episode of South Park, in which her hair flag was sent up along with a few other topical election night bits on the animated series last night.

Twitter is responsible for the rise of hair flag lady, as what would have once been a thing viewers believed they had exclusively been distracted by was revealed to be a thing distracting everyone.

Tweeters buzzed about hair flag lady, perhaps slap-happy at the end of a long night that only saw the President step up and accept another four years after 1 AM Eastern time. And as we watched, hair flag lady was inducted into pop-politics history as a defining moment of the 2012 election.

Here are some people distracted by hair flag lady during Obama’s speech:

Did hair flag lady distract you while Obama made history?