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Chrome Starting to Lose Steam


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9 Responses to “Chrome Starting to Lose Steam”

  1. rrr

    I love it, but it's too buggy right now. Have to switch back to firefox after 30 mins

  2. Anonymous

    Safari's market share on Windows is just too small to measure any change from Chrome's launch. It's been hovering at less than 1/3rd of one percent since its launch on Windows. With such low numbers, just about any calculation of change would probably fall within the margin of error.

  3. Shriram R

    The data, from Net Applications, indicates users are “reverting back” to Internet Explorer and Firefox;
    Grammar correction – Shouldnt that be just “revert”.
    I did not like chrome at the outset, some inertia owing to FF, methinks.

  4. Website Monitoring

    I choose “It'll stick around and carve out its share of the market.” Clever guys at Google know how to promote their products. If Dell or HP installs a copy of Chrome on every new PC, this browser will get some share of the market.

  5. web design Brisbane

    Google Crome is the last entrant in the Browser Wars. A company like Google arising with something like a web browser. Well it has huge news obviously. But then anything tagged Google makes intelligence. Google Crome is a sleek and super sexy web browser. It has a no nonsense browser with everything you need and nothing that comes through look a lot of obese.

  6. John Hacking

    Google just start web browser war instead they are good friend to firefox.

  7. London Sightseeing Tours

    Google Chrome hasnt really taken off as I thought it would… its going to be interesting to see where this goes along with Google Checkout I think.

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