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Are Charlie Brown Specials Too Mean For Kids Today?

Are Charlie Brown Specials Too Mean For Kids Today?

Gathering around the television and watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a tradition for a lot of families. However, one dad deems it necessary to retire the classic cartoon because of it’s unkind words and taunting messages.

According to TODAY, Buzz Bishop finds that the classic movie is a bit too mean for kids to be watching.

“The show is riddled with the kids calling each other stupid, dumb, and blockheads. There is continuous teasing and bullying. Charlie Brown is supposed to be the hero, instead he is kicked and demeaned at every turn, even by the adults giving out candy,” Bishop wrote at recently.

As a father of young kids, Bishop believes that the movie has nothing of value to offer today’s kids. He believes that the Charlie Brown special’s use of words like “stupid”, “dumb”, and “blockhead” are a negative influence on kids.

“Charlie Brown is always an outsider, the cool kids continue to play tricks, and nobody is ever held to account. In an era of hashtags like #RIPAmandaTodd, these types of attitudes are no longer appropriate,” Bishop wrote.

Bishop may think that it’s time for a change, but not all parents think the same way as Bishop.

“Next, where is the line drawn at sheltering children? The moment those children go to school, or are out of your control they are going to deal with issues like bullying. What’s a better way to first encounter it, Charlie Brown or alone in the playground? Bullying exists and comparing calling a kid a ‘blockhead’ like in Charlie Brown to the abuse that Amanda Todd had to put up with is like comparing a fender-bender with vehicular manslaughter. The scope is nowhere near the same. Bullying is a serious problem when it reaches serious levels such as with Amanda Todd, but at lesser levels it is an unfortunate fact of life, one which I can’t imagine will ever disappear. Avoidance of a problem will only hurt you when the problem must be confronted,” a commenter by the name of Allan stated on Babble.

Do you think the same way as Bishop?

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18 Responses to “Are Charlie Brown Specials Too Mean For Kids Today?”

  1. Heather Johnson

    The kids in Peanuts aren't any meaner than kids are actually today. It's a fun classic that can be used to open a discussion between parents and children. Lighten up!

  2. Cathy Kalb

    Actually kids today are a whole lot meaner than the kids in Peanuts. The language and exposure to adult topics of today's kids contributes to their exaggerated meanness.

  3. Wendy Oliver

    If Blockhead insults this guy, he must not have a tv. Commercials are meaner than Charlie Brown. CB is a classic! Leave him alone!

  4. Phyllis Love Smith

    Really? Man get over it…its a kids show….I hear worse out of kids than what they say on that show…LEAVE THE PEANUTS GANG ALONE….:/

  5. Laurie Hudson Sisto-Caldas

    Oh c'mon now.Enough is enough. We must stop sheltering our kids. These peanuts specials are a holiday TRADITION! Just talk to your kids before or after you watch and tell em don't call people blockheads! What's next? No Rudolph Christmas special because all the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names?

  6. Casey Dokoupil

    I disagree with Mr. Bishop, but not because I think terrible things about his judgment. He is just trying to create a better environment for children, and I can respect that. Bullying is no joke, and he is right to take it seriously. But I do disagree, primarily because of the way the bullying kids are portrayed. The viewer's sympathy rests squarely with the bullied. The bullied kids in Charlie Brown movies are almost always the protagonists, and viewers are guided to cheer for them as underdogs. The bullies are antagonists with underdeveloped characters, and no one cheers for them. It's a great chance to talk to your kids about what they think of the bullying, what they would do, and why it is hurtful to call names.

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