WWE News: Roman Reigns Strikes Back Against Detractors On Twitter

WWE News: Roman Reigns Strikes Back Against Detractors On Twitter

Many WWE fans have turned on Roman Reigns over the last year, and he has heard a lot of boos during live events. However, it looks like there are some fans who have decided to troll Roman Reigns on Twitter, and he seems to be fighting back. One WWE fan made a snide comment about how Roman Reigns had a lot of fans on Twitter, and he asked where these fans were when it came to live events, using the hashtag #WellnessPolicy.

Roman Reigns responded by telling the fan that if he would stop tweeting while working, he might be able to afford to actually attend a WWE Live event and see for himself. The battles went on as another fan ripped into how Roman Reigns carried the title belt “like a book bag,” which the fan said showed a lack of respect. Roman Reigns struck back there too on Twitter.

“It’s not how you hold it. It’s how you defend it. So how about… You worry about you and I’ll worry about me!”

Fans are getting more brazen lately thanks to the willingness of many WWE superstars to chat on social media. There are some people like JBL who have shown to have a very thin skin and will block any fan who posts something he doesn’t agree with. There are others like Goldust who say that they block people who spew hate to help start the day off with a positive choice.

It’s very important for the WWE to carefully monitor what the WWE superstars say on social media. There have been many cases where the WWE has punished wrestlers for going over the line, but in the case of Roman Reigns, he is simply talking back to fans and doing it semi-respectfully, although the “stop tweeting at work” comment was humorous.

However, no matter how Roman Reigns responds, there will still be fans who take it the wrong way. The person who tweeted the comment about respecting the belt had 58 likes and 11 retweets with only 153 followers. Roman Reigns response was up to 2,028 retweets and 6,305 likes. Over two million people follow the Roman Reigns Twitter account.

Roman Reigns spent a bit of time on Wednesday going back and forth with fans, reminding people that he beat AJ Styles twice when asked when he could become as phenomenal as Styles. This is something that might be interesting as the WWE wants to try to push Reigns as a major face again.


As the Inquisitr reported, the WWE is considering putting Roman Reigns back into the Universal Championship title picture in December following Survivor Series. The idea is for Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens to battle in a title vs. title feud. If Roman Reigns can’t win the fans back over by then, it could cause problems again with fans hijacking shows.

The fans booed Roman Reigns when he was put into the world title picture over Daniel Bryan. They booed him when he battled AJ Styles. They booed him when he fought Finn Balor. They finally started cheering him over Rusev, but Roman Reigns seems more fit for a heel with his perceived arrogance and attitude. His comments on Twitter proves that he is still combative, and that might hurt any major face push.

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