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Jim Nantz Confused About Who Won Jets-Patriots Game

Jim Nantz Confused About Who Won Jets-Patriots Game

Jim Nantz was confused Sunday about which team won the Jets-Patriots game, insisting that the squad from New York defeated Tom Brady and company when in fact they lost.

The AFC East showdown turned out to be a thrilling affair. Though the Patriots led late in the game, the Jets stormed back with the help of a fumbled kickoff. Just before regulation ended Tom Brady was able to drive the Patriots into position to tie the game, sending it to the no-longer-sudden death overtime.

That is likely what got Jim Nance confused. The Patriots took the ball first in overtime and marched down the field, kicking a field goal that in previous years would have ended the game. This year, however, the NFL has extended the playoff rule that if the first team with the ball kicks a field goal, the other team is given a chance to score as well.

The Jets squandered that chance, as Mark Sanchez was sacked and fumbled the ball back to the Patriots, ending the game.

In the booth, a confused Jim Nantz said didn’t see it that way. The announcer said that the Jets win was the “stunner” of the day, DeadSpin noted.

USA Today speculated that there was more to Jim Nantz confused than a simple verbal mix-up. The report noted that the Jets were 10.5 point underdogs to the Patriots, and by losing in overtime the team covered the spread. It’s not likely Jim Nantz would explicitly mention gambling lines while on the air, the report noted, which is why he looked so embarrassed afterward.

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16 Responses to “Jim Nantz Confused About Who Won Jets-Patriots Game”

  1. Anonymous

    He is right.. the jets did win that game..ok ok.. so the Pats scored more that REALLLLLY the point of the game? Oh wait.. I guess it is.. Geez Nantz.

  2. Anonymous

    Who was that zonked out guy on drugs? He tried to act cool but just looked sounded stupid.

  3. Fabian Rivera

    I don't think the inquisitor realized that the end YouTube video that they posted is full of profanity. Maybe they should actually check the entire video before posting it on their webpage.

  4. Anonymous

    The front pages of yahoo are cluttered with junk stories like this. Maybe if we could get rid of the useless stories, the homepage would look more like google's.

  5. Anonymous

    Jim Nantz has been confused for some time now. It's just that people are finally starting to notice.

  6. Jay Guthy

    Nantz's error was clearly a strong mental error. The guy who posted this youtube video is simply a mental moron. Redneck, low bread, loser, mental idiot. A Florida transiant loser idiot. And moron…if you are reading this, look me up and come on up…I will show you how a Jet's fan will kick your rednect a$$…

  7. Fabian Rivera

    The Inquisitor probably should. They are the one's that posted a video with a bunch of profanity. I just think it's funny that they don't take the time to actually check the entire video before posting it on their website

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