Klay Thompson To The Boston Celtics?

Golden State Warriors Rumors: Klay Thompson Headed To The Boston Celtics Via Trade?

The Golden State Warriors have only played 10 games this season, and the first major trade rumor has already surfaced. With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors in the offseason, many wondered how Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Durant could all coexist as each player said during the offseason that they wouldn’t change the way they played even with the addition of Durant.

According to former Boston Celtics player and current CSNNE analyst Brian Scalabrine, the Celtics may have an interest in trading for Klay Thompson.

“I heard this weekend that Klay Thompson may be available; I heard that rumor going around involved with a team that wears green,” Scalabrine told SiriusXM NBA Radio.

Scalabrine later elaborated on the rumors that he heard in an interview with CSNNE‘s Abby Chin. Brian told Abby that the Celtics would send forward Jae Crowder, guard Avery Bradley and a first-round pick they acquired from the Brooklyn Nets to the Warriors in exchange for Thompson. Scalabrine then added that the Warriors would then send that pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for Nerlens Noel.

If what Scalabrine is claiming is true, then this deal would make a lot of sense for the Warriors. Thompson has become the third-wheel in the offense behind Curry and Durant and Golden State needs some help on the defensive side of the ball. Adding three role players like Crowder, Bradley, and Noel would not only strengthen the Warriors on the defensive end but also add some much-needed depth to the roster.

Unfortunately for Scalabrine, it seems he may have gotten his information from a bogus source. When asked via Twitter who his source was, Brian Scalabrine gave the name Justin Bautista of the Morning Ledger.

In the article, Bautista doesn’t give any credible sources for the rumors. He doesn’t say that he talked to an insider or someone in the know. The article instead reads as a strictly speculative piece that involves a link to another site called Sportsrageous. Sadly, it seems as if Brian Scalabrine made a mountain out of a molehill that briefly had fans across the league on edge.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was asked about the rumor this afternoon and he chose to make light of the situation.

“Brian hasn’t called me yet,” Steve Kerr joked when asked about it after Monday’s practice.

“If Brian wants to call, I’ll get Bob (Myers) on the phone and Bob and I can pick his brain and figure out what we should do.”

Kerr was then asked if he felt he needed to have a conversation with Klay Thompson about the rumor.

“I think our guys know that most of that stuff is almost always just BS,” Kerr said.

“If that became a story, I would probably talk to Klay. But I didn’t know it was a story until just now. I’ll go home, get on the Internet and decide whether to call Klay or not. There’s a lot of fake news.”

Sorry, NBA fans, but it seems this major trade rumor was much ado about nothing. Thank you, Brian Scalabrine.

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