Steelers win, but lose Polamalu

The Good news is the Pittsburgh Steelers have not lost a step since winning the Super Bowl last season. In what was a likely preview of the AFC playoffs the Steelers were able to outlast the Tennessee Titans in a defensive struggle 13-10. The bad news is that star Safety Troy Polamalu hurt his knee in what Head Coach Mike Tomlin is calling a MCL sprain. The Recovery time for an injury likes this is 3-6 weeks, and that may leave a big hole in the Steeler secondary.

While this is not the wheels coming off the Steelers machine, what I mean is the Steelers area good enough team to withstand an injury of this sort. However since many NFL pundits picked them to go 14-2 in 2009, that goal may be a little out of reach. It seems that losing Polamalu for an extended period of time could add two or three loses to the 2009 Steeler campaign.

While that could be significant since the Titans proved that even with the loss of Albert Haynesworth their defense is plenty fierce, and they could be the greatest AFC challenger to the Steelers. Let us not forget the Titans went 13-3 in 2008.

Of course the Doctors still have to examine Polamalu’s knee, and that could change everything. He could need surgery that keeps him out for the year, or he could be back in just a few weeks. Whichever it is the Steelers are a far better defense with him on the field.