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Marlins, Yankees Deny A-Rod Trade Rumors


The New York Yankees reportedly talked about making a blockbuster trade back in April that would have sent Alex Rodriguez to the Miami Marlins. But you should probably take the new A-Rod trade rumors with a grain of salt since both the Yankees and the Marlins have vehemently denied that any trade talks occurred.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said: “I’ve had no discussions whatsoever with the Florida Marlins … There are no discussions whatsoever.”

Marlins president David Samson added: “There have been no conversations between the Yankees and the Marlins.”

The A-Rod trade rumors started up this morning when Keith Olbermann reported on that the Yankees and the Marlins discussed a deal last April that would send Rodriguez to Florida and Heath Bell to New York. Olbermann even claims to know the terms of the deal, saying that the Yankees would pay the remainder of Rodriguez $114 million over the next five years. The Yankees also said that they would absorb the rest of Bell’s contract if the Marlin’s agreed to take some of A-Rod’s financial burden.

Olbermann writes:

“Sources close to both organizations confirm the Yankees would pay all – or virtually all – of the $114,000,000 Rodriguez is owed in a contract that runs through the rest of this season and the next five. One alternative scenario has also been discussed in which the Yankees would pay less of Rodriguez’s salary, but would obtain the troubled Marlins’ reliever Heath Bell and pay what remains of the three-year, $27,000,000 deal Bell signed last winter.”

Olbermann has heard the statements from Cashman and Samson but insists that trade talks did occur last April.

Rodriguez has been put on the bench during the playoffs, but he still seems intent to play in New York.

A-Rod told the NY Daily News:

“I love the Yankees; I love this organization. My focus right now is to help this team come together and win a game and not allow all this negativity and questions and gossip stuff or this crap and that crap, just focus on winning a game and going from there. There’s blood in the water and when you don’t play well—and I haven’t played well—some of the criticism I’ve received, I can take that, (it’s) well-deserved.”

Do you think the Yankees will trade A-Rod?

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4 Responses to “Marlins, Yankees Deny A-Rod Trade Rumors”

  1. Ken Capach

    Frankly, the Yankees are stuck between a rock and a hard place. It would be better to keep Alex until the end of his contract and continue to help him with his hitting woes. He may just break out of his slump and be very useful down the line.78.

  2. Anonymous

    Although I'm not happy with the way A-Rod is playing, this game is just as much mental as it is physical and you just can't turn a hot streak on and off like a light switch. A-Rod recognizes this and has the class to admit that this is his fault and does not fault Girardi. On the other hand, Switzer is a big cry baby for commenting that he is insulted by the negative comments by Yankee fans. Hey buddy….put on your big boy pants and deal with it or go somewhere else.

  3. Anonymous

    obviously YOU do…or you wouldn't have read the article! What an idiot… must be a Red Sux fan.

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