Apple iPad Mini Debut Date

iPad Mini Debuting November 2, Unveiling October 23 [Rumor]

Tech enthusiast website Geeky Gadgets is claiming that the Apple iPad mini will drop on November 2 after Apple debuts the new pint-sized tablet on October 23.

The tech site claims that the device will go on sale first in the US and several other hand selected countries with more locations to follow at a later time.

With the Microsoft Surface tablet debut several days after Apple’s announcement, the move is being seen as Apple’s latest attempt to blunt its competition with a product release of its own. However, the Microsoft Surface with its kickstand design and sleek keyboard isn’t your typical tablet.

Also expected to make a big announcement this month is Google. Analysts believe Google will announce the Google Nexus 4 smartphone on October 29. Google is also expected to announce other new hardware options for consumers.

Apple has remained quiet about the Microsoft Surface Tablet, although the company has not yet claimed that Microsoft is just another “fast follower” as it has with Samsung, Google, and other direct competitors.

The biggest challenge from Microsoft may not be from competitors but from its own system. Consumer reviews of Windows 8 software has not been overly positive with many users confused by the system. Windows Phone has fared better than the general Windows 8 in terms of user satisfaction.

At this time, very little is known about the Apple iPad mini. The device is expected to have a 7.85 inch display and the new Apple lightning adapter. Some analysts believe Apple will do away with some higher end features such as its Retina display and back camera.