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Breaking News: Hotmail Still Exists


Hotmail is expected to get a big update this week, which raises the question: Does anyone actually still use Hotmail? I didn’t even realize it was still around.

The update, said to be on the way in the coming few days, will increase the mail service’s speed as much as 70 percent. Which is good, because I suspect most of its users are still on dial-up connections and likely only hitting 2400 BPS.

Seriously, though, Yahoo’s taken a lot of flack for its webmail service following the Sarah Palin hack incident. And I’ll admit, I’ve done my share of Yahoo Mail bashing over the years. But Hotmail? Yahoo Mail sounds like a modern luxury service compared to that. I don’t think I’ve even heard the name come up in half a decade — it seems most of the non-computer literate have at least progressed up to Yahoo Mail by now.

Anyway, though, watch for the improvements this coming week. Maybe Microsoft will even add a cool new domain like Rocketmail as an option…that kind of thing would be sure to lure users in.

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6 Responses to “Breaking News: Hotmail Still Exists”

  1. Tim

    I've used hotmail for almost a decade now. Microsoft has added some nice features to date such as Outlook Connector for those who like using Outlook to combine their mail and and calendar in one place. I'm curious to see the new version

  2. Luis Felipe

    I use WIndows Live Hotmail!
    I can see when there's new mail in Messenger and I can sincronize it with my Windows Live Mail….

  3. Andrew L.

    You sir, are a moron. Hotmail has over 260 million users worldwide (the second largest after Yahoo Mail). Most of the people I know use Hotmail. I also use Hotmail, the Plus version in fact. It's leagues above Gmail, the Fisher-Price of webmail. Please get your facts straight or choose a new career.

  4. John Mindiola III

    word. gmail is totally stupid. i mean, i guess it's a neat idea, never having to delete anything because of a rapidly expanding account size, but things get pretty crowded after a while. and their whole labeling gimmick? i'm not impressed. why would i want to MANUALLY label every frikken email i get? no way, just make a folder, and i can drag emails there for as long as i want. the only feature i wish Hotmail had was SUBfolders. that'd be nice. oh, and by the way, where the heck did you get that ridiculous hotmail logo? i've never seen that before in my life!

  5. Janel

    I've probably used hotmail for about 11 or 12 years now. I think thats the longest I've ever used anything!

    I'm sorry but you must live in quite the bubble if you think no one uses it these days. Yes, there are other options that are arguably better – however hotmail is still widely in use by millions. Most of the people I know use hotmail, or gmail. I can't even think of anyone I know that uses Yahoo, for that matter

    To each their own?

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