Harry Potter

Photographer Dresses Her Bewitching Baby Girl As Harry Potter And The World Loses Its Mind

Holy cuteness! Professional photographer and mommy Kayla Glover loves dressing up her 5-month-old baby girl, Lorelai. She also loves turning to the movies for costume inspiration.

The 29-year-old shared a series of Harry Potter movie-themed photos a month ago on Instagram, and the world is still going crazy over them! The photos in question were taken when little Lorelai was just a wee 3-month-old and could still fit in a prop cauldron (see photo.) The baby sported the classic Harry Potter glasses and a chic Gryffindor scarf as she posed for her professional shoot.

Glover also — of course— posed her baby girl surrounded by Harry Potter books complete with a magical wand and adorable smile. Seriously, this little girl makes the best Harry Potter ever! Just look at that head of hair at only 3-months-old! Plus, Lorelai is obviously loving pretending to be the most popular wizard ever.

Kayla took to her personal blog to share what her experience going viral with the Harry Potter photos has been like, and her comments are pretty much what you would expect: completely cute! Glover said the experience was unexpected, but she is enjoying the attention as people have so many wonderful things to say about her daughter.

“Unexpected would be the second word I would use to describe our situation, badass would be the first.”

The young mother has been interviewed by plenty of sites including BuzzFeed, who quoted her as saying she’s a huge Harry Potter fan (if you couldn’t tell) and wants her daughter to be as well.

“I dream of the day I can share Harry Potter with her and I hope she loves it as much as I do. I’m a big fan of themes and I hope a Harry Potter birthday party is in her future!”

Kayla said everyone has been “positive” and “lighthearted” when it comes to reacting to Lorelai’s photoshoot, and how could they not be?! Who wouldn’t love seeing these happy shots of one of the most captivating Harry Potters the world has ever seen? But the costume fun doesn’t stop there!

Kayla, her husband, and baby Lorelai recently attended a Halloween party as the Flintstone family! The baby was dressed as Pebbles, while mom and dad were Wilma and Fred, obviously.

Glover is a big fan of costumes when it comes to photographing her little girl. This week, she dressed Lorelai as a baby Cruella de Vil complete with two dogs in white shirts with black spots. Kayla took to her blog to discuss why she feels compelled to take so many photos of Lorelai, and her reasoning is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

She discusses miscarrying her first baby in a brutally honest post after receiving criticism over treating Lorelai “like a toy,” and adds that she believes the little girl’s existence makes the world a better place. She is set on parenting her baby in the best way she sees fit and won’t let anyone tell her otherwise. And that includes plenty of adorable photoshoots for the world to enjoy!

“I can show her the world and teach her the importance of love and compassion. I can share her beauty, silly personality, and contagious smile with people, and when they look at her pictures, for a moment they are taken to another place.”

Even when she’s not dressed as Harry Potter or Pebbles, Lorelai is quite cute! Her photographer mom does a great thing by sharing her sweet photos, which obviously do have a great impact on people. Kayla is currently trying to get the attentions of Ellen DeGeneres and The Today Show to take her baby on the road! It’s her hope to spread the love from coast to coast, and you can’t be mad at it.

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