HP Printer App Store Revealed. See What You’ve Done Apple!

James Johnson

A few months back HP announced their Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web Printer. With that printer came the promise of an App Studio for the web and touch friendly printer. Now that App Studio has officially been revealed by HP.

The printers apps already allow users to take advantage of such printer friendly online options as movie tickets, photos from Flickr accounts, art projects from Disney and even articles taken from CBS’s popular 60 minutes programming.

While the apps available are still extremely limited HP has offered an open API to programmers in the hopes that it will help spur new applications for the TouchSmart Web offering. In fact given it’s open nature and large push by HP, we won’t be surprise to see the technology creep up on more of their printers in the near future.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much time I would spend sitting in front of my printer trying to find movie tickets to print or articles to read. The app store just seems like a case of “Apple Syndrome” at this point, in which a company releases an app store in the hopes of receiving programmer based applications, while reaping the benefits from programs they didn’t have to create on their own. Then again I can’t fault HP for making some extra cash, but if games appear on a printer I’m throwing in the towel.