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WWE Rumors: Will Roman Reigns Be Defeated At ‘Hell In A Cell’?

Roman Reigns has been the subject of some pretty crazy WWE rumors as of late, namely because of Big Show’s recent interview where he talked extensively about the United States Champion and wrestling superstar. Yet, the latest of the WWE rumors suggest that Roman Reigns might be ultimately defeated at his upcoming Hell in a Cell match against Rusev!

That’s the word from Daily DDT, whose latest WWE rumors suggest that the Belgian Brute will take down the Big Dog at next Sunday’s pay-per-view event. According to them, to discount Rusev against Roman Reigns is what will ultimately cost Reigns the match. Rusev is trying to become a three-time United States Champion and if he loses against Roman Reigns this Sunday, he will forever be relegated to mid-card hell. With the stakes this high, Rusev will definitely be bringing his “A-Game,” and being the good technical wrestler that he is, that A-Game might just mean that Reigns walks out of the cage without a belt.

On the other hand, if Roman Reigns is in fact defeated by his longtime rival, that will leave the door open for Reigns’ World Championship title run, which is something that fans — and the WWE themselves — have been wanting for Reigns since he returned from his suspension.

Roman Reigns WWE Rumors
Are the latest WWE rumors about Roman Reigns true? [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

And this potential fate that befalls Roman Reigns is one that’s also echoed by Sportskeeda in their latest round of WWE rumors. They take the tack that Hell in a Cell is the place where surprises happen all the time, such as the time that Edge was dressed as a cameraman and used that advantage to sneak into the cell to throw the fight.

Reigns, for better or for worse, has earned a great deal of enemies during his time under the WWE banner, and there just might be more than a few people who take the opportunity presented by Hell in a Cell to get their revenge. It’s anybody’s guess as to who will be the first to exact their revenge, but Reigns’ babyface turn doesn’t exactly mean that all is forgiven. There’s also the off chance that there will be a Shield reunion at Hell in a Cell (even though Dean Ambrose is signed to SmackDown). It should be interesting to see if that does indeed play out.

WWE Rumors Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns is the subject of the latest WWE rumors about ‘Hell in a Cell.’ [Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]

Finally, according to Wrestling Rumors‘ latest round of WWE spoilers, whatever the outcome of Roman Reigns’ match against Rusev this Sunday, it still won’t make Raw — or Hell in a Cellany more interesting. According to the site, without Triple H participating in any of the matches, there’s nothing to look forward to in the fights.

The site also called this time a “dark period” in the WWE.

“It’s the dark season for WWE and there really isn’t much to talk about. We’re getting ready for Hell in a Cell 2016 from the Raw Brand and then a big Survivor Series 2017. Goldberg is back to face Brock Lesnar, Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte might main event the upcoming pay per view and……that’s about it for interesting things. Now I know there’s something I intentionally left out, but I really don’t find [this] all that interesting. While there are a few reasons for this, there’s a major problem looming over the whole story and the only way around it is to wait things out.”

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