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Colonel Meow, Angriest Cat On Facebook, Is The Puffball Taking Social Media By Storm

If you haven’t heard of Colonel Meow, Facebook’s angriest cat, you may just be a fan in waiting, and the snooty feline is racking them up over on the social network nowadays.

Colonel Meow’s Facebook page was, like many pet fan pages, started as a joke by cat mom Anne Marie Avey on August 9. By the end of the month, Colonel Meow’s fanbase had soared to triple-digits and has grown exponentially since then.

In fact, Colonel Meow now has more than 60,000 fans over on his page with a cover photo showing him riding a laser cannon in space. That, by the way, has nearly doubled since October 6, when Colonel Meow had just 30,000-odd fans.

Of Colonel Meow’s popularity spike, Avey says:

“It’s surreal, it makes me more motivated to do more… it’s just so much fun.”

Like most Facebook users, Colonel Meow lays it all out on his about page, where he (through Avey) describes himself and his life and love of “treaties,” which we assume are cat treats:

“I’m a Cat. I have the unfortunate ability to **** in my fur. Sometimes when I’m scared I open my eyes really wide and then fall asleep. I like to go on walks with my leash, but when that gets hard I sit down. I like my friend Boots, a stupid golden retriever who never know when I’m sneaking up. My favorite thing to do is eat. When I’m not eating, I feel like I forgot to eat so I go back to eat again.”

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Colonel Meow continues:

“I’m really good at staring, and if I stare too long I forget what I’m doing and fall asleep. I’m really fluffy so I cough up a lot of hair balls. That scares me, so much so, that I will meow until someone comes and holds me. I’m the apartment police. So if you are going to the bathroom I might scratch and meow at the door to say, ‘who’s in there? open up!’ I like my butt scratched.”

Up next among angriest cat Colonel Meow’s plans for world domination? Avey and her boyfriend plan to make and sell Colonel Meow t-shirts.