Andy Murray Says Tennis Has Been A Distraction From His Family Life: Is This His Last Wimbledon?

Andy Murray Says Tennis Has Become A Distraction From His Family Life: Is Wimbledon 2016 His Last?

Andy Murray, current Wimbledon 2016 contender, said that tennis has become a distraction from his family life, BBC News reports.

“Beforehand, in the build-up to a Slam final, I’d always just be thinking about the match. I don’t feel like that just now – I’m just looking forward to the next time I see Sophia and Kim,” he told the BBC. “For the first time ever, tennis is probably more of a distraction from my home life than the other way around.”

Andy Murray currently holds the record for most Grand Slam appearances by a British player. Tomorrow’s game gives Murray a chance to win his second Wimbledon trophy. But it seems like the moment is almost bittersweet for him.

“Someone said to me recently, “You’ve been in so many Slam finals but you’ve only won two” – but all I can do is keep trying to get myself in position to win again,” he said.

“I’m not scared to fail. It’s not like after losing a couple of those Grand Slam finals I thought, ‘I don’t fancy this any more.’ It has been difficult to get over some tough losses but I’ve kept working hard, training hard, believing in myself and trying to improve. I’ve tried to get help from loads of different people and coaches.”

But whatever the result tomorrow, it seems that Andy Murray is determined to keep playing tennis, if only to allow his daughter, Sophie, to see him play.

“Sophia’s already watched a bit of tennis with Kim at home over these last couple of weeks and maybe when she’s older she’ll want to come and see me play,” he said. “I would like that; it would be nice for me in a selfish way. I’m sure she won’t be interested but it gives me a little bit of extra motivation to keep going when I get a bit older.”

Murray also revealed his game plan for the Wimbledon 2016 final against Canadian, Milos Raonic. The former Wimbledon champion said he plans to be “ruthless” to his opponent who is a newbie to the Wimbledon finals. While he didn’t give much in the way of details, Murray said it’s a plan that his coaching team stands behind.

“Taking my chances and not letting up on opponents is something I did well when we worked together in the past and we’ve started pretty well this time around,” he said. “Let’s hope I can finish the job on Sunday.”

Milos Raonic stunned the tennis world on Thursday, July 8, when he defeated the legendary Roger Federer in the Wimbledon semifinals.

“This was more than just the end of Federer’s tournament. It could be the end of an era,” wrote Mike Cleary at The Telegraph.

The Raonic win makes him the first Canadian to ever reach a major singles Grand Slam final, USA Today reports. The win may have been surprising but it was not easy, a fact Milos admitted to in a post-match interview.

“It’s an incredible comeback for me, really,” Raonic said. “I was struggling there.”

As USA Today reports, Roger Federer was in control of the match until the fourth set when Milos swept Federer’s 40-love lead from under him and the former Wimbledon champion double faulted.

“Opportunities were all around the fourth set,” Federer said after the Wimbledon semifinal loss. “I think I pushed him on a few service games to get the break. But somehow I couldn’t get it done. Either he served well or he hit the line on the serve, or with the forehand, he did a great job there.

[Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]