Michelle Obama Rocks Out 28,000 Tweets Per Minute During DNC Speech

Michelle Obama Speech Brings In 28K Tweets Per Minute

Mitt Romney’s RNC acceptance speech for the GOP presidential nomination couldn’t hold its ground against Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, at least not when it came to Twitter mentions per minute.

On the first night of the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama spoke on behalf of her husband, and she drew some crazy Twitter numbers.

Following the first night of the DNC, Twitter shared the following numbers on its blog:

Although it’s just the first night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, people have already posted more than 3 million Tweets, including #DNC2012 and related terms. In comparison, there were 4 million Tweets sent throughout the three days of last week’s Republican National Convention (#RNC2012).

Among tonight’s keynotes, First Lady Michelle Obama’s (@MichelleObama) primetime speech peaked at 28,003 Tweets per minute (TPM) at its conclusion — nearly double Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s (@MittRomney) 14,289 peak. One line in her speech this evening — “we’ve got so much more to do” — saw 22,004 TPM.

There has been talk that other noteworthy speakers will attempt to energize the crowd; one of those speakers could be Harold and Kumar star Kal Penn. Should Penn take the speakers podium, his celebrity and ability to reach out to a younger audience could send Twitter numbers skyrocketing.

From Michelle Obama’s Dress of American dreams to her speech that resonated with many listeners, the Democrats are off to a great start. Perhaps it’s the simple fact that the Dems haven’t had to deal with Hurricane Isaac while trying to set the tone for their convention.

Beating out Mitt Romney’s RNC speech wasn’t hard; a Gallup poll revealed on Tuesday that his speech was considered by poll takers to be the worst at a party convention in 16 years.

Here’s Michelle Obama’s DNC speech in its entirety in case you missed it: