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Michelle Obama, Please Don’t Speak At Our Graduation, Kids Say

Topeka graduating seniors don't want Michelle Obama to speak at their graduation

The plan for Michelle Obama to speak at the combined high school graduation ceremonies in Topeka, Kansas, is drawing complaints from parents and students and an online petition hoping for change, as it were. Ordinarily, the five Topeka high schools conduct separate ceremonies. Instead, on May 17, all seniors will receive their diplomas in a… Read more »

Michelle Obama Should Not Be Paid As First Lady, Says Laura Bush

Michelle Obama Should Not Be Paid As First Lady, Says Laura Bush

Michelle Obama should not receive a salary as First Lady according to Laura Bush, who could definitely be said to be an expert on the subject. But these comments happen to stray into the political mine field of income inequality and the gender pay gap. In a related report by The Inquisitr, Michelle Obama’s school… Read more »

Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Rations Prompt Angry Tweets By Students

school lunches

Students angry with Michelle Obama’s school “lunch rations” have taken to Twitter to share photo of their fairly vacant trays. School cafeteria staffers across the stated that not only are students telling them they are still hungry, the kids are also registering their angst over the offering on the menu and dumping much of the… Read more »

Malia Obama Visits Great Wall Of China With Mom And Sister

Malia Obama 1

Malia Obama, along with her sister Sasha and mom Michelle, visited the Great Wall of China on the third day of their weeklong visit to China. It is the first time the Obamas have visited the country independently, and Michelle Obama also met with Peng Liyuan, the wife of the president of China. Michelle Obama… Read more »

The Michelle Obama $12,000 Dress: Should America Say Yes To The Dress?

Michelle Obama $12,000 dress

Michelle Obama reportedly wore a Carolina Herrera-designed $12,000 dress to the recent state dinner for French President Francois Hollande. By some estimates, the White House dinner itself cost the taxpayers about $600,000. This is happening while the Obama administration is trying to address “income inequality.” Given rampant unemployment and the fact that millions of Americans… Read more »

Michelle Obama Featured In Subway Advertisements

let's move campaign

Michelle Obama will become a “fixture” at Subway. The First Lady and the fast food chain are embarking on a partnership of sorts. Obama will share her Let’s Move Campaign message about healthy eating and reportedly focus in particular on children’s menu food options. The Subway Michelle Obama campaign will highlight the healthy food items… Read more »

Michelle Obama: ‘Prison’ Is How She Describes Being FLOTUS [Video]

Michelle Obama on FLOTUS

  First Lady Michelle Obama teamed up with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania to talk about the perks of being FLOTUS. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be many. The way Michelle puts it, being First Lady is like living in a “really nice prison.” During the interview (moderated… Read more »

Michelle Obama Confronts Gay Rights Heckler During Speech [Video]

Michelle Obama heckler

Don’t mess with the Obamas when they’re in the middle of a speech. Just a few weeks after President Obama had to confront a Code Pink anti-war protester during a national security speech, wife Michelle had her own heckler to contend with at a Democratic fundraiser in Washington. A gay-rights protester interrupted the first lady’s… Read more »

Prince Harry Joins Michelle Obama For Mother’s Day Tea [Video]

The prince made a surprise visit to the White House on his U.S. Tour.

Michelle Obama had a surprise visit from a British royal on Thursday as Prince Harry made an appearance at the first lady’s Mother’s Day Tea event. Michelle Obama hosted the event with Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden. The event was held in the State Dining Room in the White House as… Read more »

Michelle Obama: I’m A ‘Single Mom’ [Video]

michelle obama

Michelle Obama is a single mom? The First Lady accidentally described herself as a “busy single mother” during a TV interview on Thursday morning. Michelle was doing an interview with CBS this week when she momentarily forgot that she had a husband. The First Lady laughed off the gaff and then explained that she sometimes… Read more »