Apple App Store Downloads: Eight Paid App Store Apps For Free This Week

Apple App Store Downloads: Eight Paid App Store Apps For Free This Week

Possibly the worst part about searching the App Store is finding that really cool, awesome-solution-providing app…and then having to pay to download it. Sometimes paying for a download isn’t a big deal, but do you really want to hand your personal information over to some stranger? Never fear, for here is a list of seven App Store apps you can download free this week. Enjoy!

One Touch Dial: Lazy, or Just Efficient?

As noted, One Touch Dial is one of several free app store downloads this week. It’s pretty safe to take the name at face value, as One Touch Dial helps you connect with contacts via text, Skype, Instagram, and more using a single tap. It’s kind of a power user’s dream; instead of memorizing every little detail of a contact’s information, one needs only click a button. Not bad. huh?

Relook: Selfies On The Next Level

Do you have a few too many selfies you regret on your phone? If so, Relook has your back. This app lets you make over your photos, and as mentions, uses the same tools employed by pro fashion photographers, so you know you’re in good hands. No more shall you SnapChat and Instagram picture takers worry about your selfies, for Relook is free to download this week!

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Turn The Heat Up With Humidity

Humidity, as the name might hint, measures humidity levels outside and reports them to you. Not necessarily the most exciting App Store download, to be sure, but good if you want to know how to dress at the start of your day or how sticky it’s going to get when you have to walk the dog later, it could come in handy.

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Remote Pro: Mac Goes Small Screen

If downloading an app to watch the weather isn’t your thing, the App Store still has something for you. Remote Pro lets you control your Mac from an iPhone, and reports that you can even use the handy little app as a mouse should you feel strongly. And yes, Remote Pro is free this week as well.

Apple App Store Downloads: Eight Paid App Store Apps For Free This Week
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Yellow House: What’s That Sound??

AppSaga found that Yellow House, a creepy horror/puzzle game, is also on the list of free app store downloads this week. The developer leads the game’s description with “Henry Sykes is in a difficult situation….he lost his mind,” so you know you’re in for a pretty freaky experience if you decide to play it. The game screenshots look a bit like a cartoon version of Silent Hill, and there’s casually a headless guy chilling in one of them. No biggie.

Cameraxis: The Next Level Of Editing

This app boasts that it can turn you into a professional designer in a matter of minutes. Once you download Cameraxis on the App Store, you’ll be able to enhance your photo collection using text and graphics. If you’re feeling slightly less creative, there are also pre-made templates for things such as holiday cards, posters, and Pinterest posts. Take that, Adobe Photoshop.

Farming Simulator 14: All The Country With None Of The Mess

Farming Simulator 14 is also free for download on the App Store this week, in case you were looking for a Farmville or Candy Crush Saga alternative. Despite the simple name, this app takes old school farming sims up a notch, with open-world gameplay and 3D graphics. As if you needed more reasons to play, the devs recently added a Lamborghini to the in-game shop.

That’s about it for this week’s roundup. What apps would you like to see offered for free in the future? Let us know below.

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