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Finally, Apple might have fixed the iPhone 3G


iPhone firmware 2.1 was released earlier this week, promising to fix the core issues plaguing many iPhone 3G users, including reception, call drop outs, and crashes.

I’ve only just now upgraded as I had to wait for the Pwnage team to release their latest version that supported the update (I like having streaming video at hand, even if my data cap restricts my use).

The result is best expressed in pictures before and after, showing 3G bars from the exact same location: my home office, sitting at my desk

Full bars vs nearly none at all before. Now being the weekend I don’t get a lot of calls on my mobile, so I can’t vouch for the drop out issue being fixed, but presuming that the issue is strongly linked to signal strength, I’ll tentatively add that issue to the fixed list as well.

It’s good news for Apple and iPhone users after speculation that the issues were related to dodgy 3G chips and that Apple may have had to recall the phone to fix it.

I haven’t had any crashes yet relating to apps, but given they came at odd times previously, it’s too early to tell. There were other issues, such as iTunes 8 deciding to uninstall all my apps and removing all my sync settings, but this is a minor inconvenience on the path to having a decent phone to talk on again.

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10 Responses to “Finally, Apple might have fixed the iPhone 3G”

  1. Jason

    How do you know that the signal is actually any better? They could have just lowered the bar threshold :)

  2. ian

    its added time travel to. (posted on the 13th but sreen shot is susposed to be the 14th.) might prompt me to buy one now

  3. Damen Stephens

    “Full bars vs. virtually none before” doesn't mean a thing – it may very well mean the software update now displays more bars for exactly the same signal strength that used to display few bars … for a “Tech” site this is a decidedly “untechnical” analysis !

  4. Steve Elmore

    I think the bars have nothing to do with 3G…they're only representative of cell signal strength. If you turn off 3G, or Wi-fi, or have them on, the signal strength bars should stay the same for a given location.

  5. michael

    2.1 does NOT fix the 3g Woes.
    Apple MUST be stopped from selling this defective product ASAP!
    There needs to be a recall or money back/ cancel contract without penalty.
    Seriously, they are not providing what they are selling.

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    My experience with iphone so far has been really good. But i got a friend for whom the gravity function is constantly giving a few problems. His display vibrates even when he is not tilting the phone.

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