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iPhone 5c Gets Massive Price Cut In Anticipation Of iPhone 6

The new iPhone 6 leaked design.

The Inquisitr recently reported on the stunning success of the iPhone 5c despite it being considered a flop as far as gadgets go. The iPhone 5c beat out the Galaxy S5 in its launch week in Europe, even though its screen is smaller and it’s been out since late last year. If you’re interested in… Read more »

Flappy Bird Clones Contain Malware That Will Steal Your Information

Majority of Flappy Bird clones proven to have dangerous identity-stealing malware hidden within.

Developer, Dong Nguyen, removed Flappy Bird from all app stores, in February, because he felt it was too addictive. “I think it is an unexpected problem … and I have to remove it,” Dong said, according to USA Today. Almost immediately, clones of Flappy Bird began to pop up on every device, offering people a… Read more »

iPhone 6 Picture Leaked Side By Side With iPhone 5c


Pictures of the long-rumored iPhone 6 have shown up on the internet thanks to Chinese celebrity Jimmy Lin. Lin, who was among the first to leak photos of the iPhone 5c before it was announced, posted the image to a Twitter-like microblogging site, according to NDTV: “Lin has shared an image of himself holding two… Read more »

Angry Birds Epic Is Here, How Is It?

Angry Birds Title Screen

Angry Birds developer Rovio has released yet another installment in the popular smart phone game franchise. This time, Angry Birds fans will don helmets and swords in an “epic” Angry Birds RPG (role-playing game). Angry Birds Epic has been officially released for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. According to the official Angry Birds website, Angry… Read more »

Did Apple Make Jailbreaking Redundant With iOS 8? Not Really!

iOS 8 Jailbreak

Apple Inc. has just released its latest Mobile Operating System; iOS 8. As with every iteration so far, talented developers have earnestly begun their efforts to ‘Jailbreak’ the same. One such security researcher and hacker, Stefan Esser, a.k.a. “i0n1c,” is said to be pretty close at coming up with a perfectly working Jailbreak for iOS… Read more »

Has Apple Managed To Get It Just Right With The Latest iOS 8?

iOS 8 Announced

Apple has always firmly believed that it exactly knew what its customers or fans wanted. But with the excessively populated and intensely competitive world of smartphones and their respective Operating Systems (OS), there were multiple nuances within the one meant for Apple Smartphone; the iPhone. The iOS has undoubtedly been one of the most successful… Read more »

Flappy Bird: One Year Since It Took Over The World

Flappy Bird Anniversary Coming Up

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the global sensation Flappy Bird. First introduced in May 24, 2013, the game, created by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen, blew up all over the world. By the end of January 2014, Flappy Bird had topped the charts for the most downloaded free game in the iOS App Store. One year… Read more »

iOS 8 Rumors Make for One Fascinating Video

iOS 8 Rumors Are Visualized In A New Video.

The iOS 8 rumors and leaks that have surfaced in recent weeks and months have been compiled into one fascinating video that essentially shows you everything that we know (or think we know) about iOS 8. So what have we learned about the iOS 8 rumors from this concept video? Let’s review. Notification center If… Read more »

New ‘Kill Switch’ To Become Standard In Cell Phones

Kill switch in cell phone to be the new anti-theft measure.

Cell phone theft is on the rise in many countries. In the U.S., pressures from law makers and consumers have pushed companies to acknowledge the need for countermeasures. After July 2015, all new wireless devices associated with the companies that are part of the agreement will have access to a ‘kill switch.’ Although many believe… Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: More ‘Pings’ Inspire More Optimism


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seemingly vanished into thin air over a month ago, proving once again that truth is often stranger than fiction. Also proven once again is the relentless optimism of searchers who, despite lead after lead and hope after hope being crushed, continue their diligent and professional work in their search for Flight… Read more »

iOS 7.1 Will Kill Your iPhone Battery — Unless You Do This

Tips to preserve iOS 7.1 battery life.

iOS 7.1 — in many ways — is a welcome update to the iPhone and iPad operating systems. However, if you hope that the update will improve battery life, you might want to lower your expectations. Many who have installed the iOS 7.1 update have found that not only is the battery life not improved… Read more »

Wake Up And Smell The Bacon…App [VIDEO]

Bacon App

Oscar Mayer, the company well-known for their hot dogs (which have a very catchy song), has announced the creation of a brand new app for iPhone users. To many people, the sounds and smells of a hearty breakfast is what it takes to wake up. Usually the sizzling sounds and aroma of bacon is the… Read more »

Umoove iPhone App Game Uses Eyes And Facial Recognition To Play

Umoove iPhone App Game Uses Eyes And Facial Recognition To Play

The Umoove iPhone app is a new type of game that uses your eyes and facial recognition in order to play… no other buttons necessary! As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Umoove is a company out of Israel developing their technology for multiple implementations. Founded in 2010, their facial recognition technology has progressed to the… Read more »

BlackBerry Says ‘NO’ to Ryan Seacrest

Seacrest and hit Typo

Ryan Seacrest, host of American Idol, obviously thought this was an idea that showed some ‘talent,’ but BlackBerry is not having it. Seacrest invested in TYPO, which makes a cover for the iPhone 5 series that links to the phone through Bluetooth and turns your iPhone into a quasi BlackBerry with a full keyboard. It’s… Read more »

Apple Signs Historic China Deal: Shares Jump – But Should They?

iPhone 5Cs

Apple has now officially announced signing a deal with the world’s biggest cellular operator, China Mobile, who will sell their iPhones for the first time. The hardware giant will start selling it’s line of iPhones officially in the world’s most populous country very soon, taking orders from December 25, according to AppleInsider. The cellphones will… Read more »