wwe rumors paige charlotte alberto del rio drama angle

WWE Rumors: Real-Life Drama Being Brought Into Major Angle On WWE Television With Current Champion And Former World Champion

It doesn’t happen often, but when WWE finds a real-life story that is worthy of being brought to television, they’re going to do it. Right now, there is a bit of a love triangle happening behind-the-scenes and Vince McMahon believes that it is worthy of becoming a major angle on WWE programming. Maybe Alberto Del Rio will be happy with the drama of his real-life girlfriend, Paige. and former fling, Charlotte, fighting for ratings.

About a week ago, a number of photos of Alberto Del Rio and Paige emerged on social media, and the rumors started heating up, according to WrestleZone. Apparently, the couple decided to take in a day at Walt Disney World together and that turned into a lot of chatter.

Obviously, there is something going on between the two of them, and it has since been revealed that they are indeed dating. Those rumors have been flying around for over a month, but the proof is now in the pictures.

Another rumor going around is that this relationship has been organized by WWE for a storyline on Total Divas, but there’s been no proof of that as of yet.

In an interesting note, it does appear that even if it doesn’t show up on Total Divas, it could still end up on television. Daily Wrestling News is reporting that the relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Paige could be made into an on-air storyline for WWE TV.

Not only would their relationship be brought into the fold, but current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte would be involved.

wwe rumors paige charlotte alberto del rio drama angle
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It appears as if Alberto Del Rio has been quite busy since coming back to WWE in October of last year. At one point, he was in a relationship with Charlotte, but it has since been referred to as more of a “fling” than an actual relationship.

This fling happened right before Del Rio got together with Paige so this could end up being a major angle for the women’s division.

Not only would this bring about a new feud for the WWE Women’s Title, but it would finally get Paige back into the title picture. This also picks up on the Paige vs. Charlotte feud from last year that kind of fizzled out before it even really got going.

wwe rumors paige charlotte alberto del rio drama angle
[Image via WWE]
Vince McMahon has put some real-life drama onto WWE television in the past, and it usually ends up being rather successful. No one can forget the Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge love triangle that transpired on TV for a while and brought about the “Rated R Superstar.”

Some other examples of real-life drama spilling over into WWE storylines are:

  • The Montreal Screw-Job
  • Chris Jericho bringing up CM Punk’s alcoholic father
  • Paul Bearer’s death

Alberto Del Rio has reportedly been rather upset with WWE and how he’s been booked since his return back in October. Apparently, he was promised a main event push, but he’s obviously not received one yet as he’s only won the United States Title and was a member of the League of Nations.

It’s hard to think this love triangle storyline could get him main event status, but it may lead to bigger things.

In the past week, Alberto Del Rio and Paige have gone public with their real-life relationship, and they seem perfectly happy about it. Perhaps they never thought that WWE would bring in Del Rio’s old fling Charlotte and decide to turn it into a television storyline. Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be interesting to see if another male superstar gets involved on Charlotte’s side so Del Rio will actually be able to have some matches.

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