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Facekini Makes A Splash On Chinese Beaches

Facekinis Invade China

Facekinis are the latest fashion trend for devoted Chinese beach fanatics, according NBC News. Although the idea of going to the beach and not getting a tan may sound like outright blasphemy, it would seem folks in China are doing whatever they can to avoid the sun’s harmful UV rays.

The masks, which come equipped with openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth, strongly resemble something that might be worn by your favorite luchador or comic book superhero. The products come in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing each person to express themselves as they see fit.

In China, tanned skin suggests poverty, as mostly farmers and peasants sport darkened skin. In order to keep up appearances, many people in China go out of their way to ensure their skin remains fair and pale.

“I’m afraid of getting dark,” 58-year-old Yao Wenhua explained to The New York Times. “A woman should always have fair skin. Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.”

Since the Facekini is quickly becoming a fashion trend in the region, a lot of online retailers have begun stocking the product. One seller in particular has had quite a bit of success with the unusual beachwear, selling over 540 masks in just 30 days.

“We are already out of the pink ones,” the company stated. “All of them sell well. Orange is the most effective in protecting people from sea creatures.”

The New York Times reports that authorities are a little worried that the Facekini may begin to making appearances in local crimes. After all, the products aren’t too far removed from ski masks, and they do a very good job of concealing facial features from prying eyes.

Although some retailers have complained about authorities cracking down on the sale of Facekinis, the Qingdao Administration for Industry and Commerce has denied such allegations. “Anybody who wants one is free to buy it in Qingdao,” a spokesperson explained.

Is the Facekini a good idea, or is it just another costume for would-be criminals?

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8 Responses to “Facekini Makes A Splash On Chinese Beaches”

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  3. Manny Trev

    ROFLMAO, its not because they want to avoid UV, its because they are racist and want to stay white. Darker asians are looked upon badly by whiter asians. not sayin all asians are racist just throwin it out there. Ive seen it with my own eyes, Chinese women feel like they need to be as white as possible for some type of "social status". And people wonder why racist chinese hate filipinos the so called "Asian Niggers".

  4. Manny Trev

    Racism Against Other Races in China

    Though racism in China is strongest against black people, there is a general relationship that determines how foreigners are seen by many people in China: The darker your skin, the more racism you will experience.

    No matter where you grew up, if you are not white it will be tougher to get a job teaching English in China.

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