Now on Twitter: Our Lord and Savior

Jesus twote. Well, not like, Jesus or anything, but you can tweet your prayers.

For hundreds of years, people have committed their prayers to paper and stashed them between the stones of the 2,000 year old Wailing Wall. But a young economist is inviting people to send their prayers out over Twitter- in <140 characters, of course- for submission to the big dude. Alon Nil, 25, will print the tweets and bring them to the Wailing Wall.

If you don’t mind all of Twitter reading your discourse with God, go on and point them at @thekotel for inclusion. DMs are recommended for prayers such as those regarding your erectile dysfunction or a hope that someone up there will smite Jon Gosselin and his stupid Ed Hardy shirts at his age.

The dude behind the God account discussed his hopes for the project with the AP:

“You name the country, I’ve gotten prayers from them,” he said. “I hope in some way that by tweeting their prayers, these people are helping themselves somehow. Once you figure out what you want, in 140 characters or less, you can start to take action.”

But if you’re hoping to have a word with God, you’d better get on it soon- you’re not alone.

“I’m swamped. I can’t keep up with all the tweets,” he said. “I can’t keep maintaining it by myself. But I’m determined to not lose even one prayer.”

[Image via Gawker]