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WWE News: WWE Will Never Elect Chyna Into Hall Of Fame Due To Past Relationship With Triple H

The death of Chyna (Joanie Laurer) this past weekend has brought forth a lot of sadness and confusion from the wrestling world. She paved a path for women in wrestling and was a wonder for all to behold. Now, many are calling for her to be elected into the WWE Hall of Fame — and as soon as possible — but it may not be that easy. One legend doesn’t think it will ever happen due to her past relationship with Triple H.

For years, Chyna was a huge player in the wrestling world with WWE and one of the founding members of D-Generation X. She also had a dating relationship with Triple H that was kept secret for a long time, since she thought some may feel she was getting her push due to him.

Well, now after her death, it’s that relationship that may be holding her back instead of allowing her legacy to move forward.

wwe news rumors chyna death hall of fame mick foley triple h bret hart tribute
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A lot of people have thought that Chyna deserved to be in the WWE Hall of Fame long ago, but it just hadn’t happened yet. Some have speculated that it had to do with her short stint in TNA or perhaps her time as an adult film star and making different porn movies.

With her death, many have stepped up and said that she truly deserves to be in the Hall of Fame now, but Bret “Hit Man” Hart doesn’t think it will ever happen. In talking with Total Wrestling Magazine, Hart said that Chyna’s relationship with Triple H won’t allow her induction.

“It was sad, I think she should be in the Hall of Fame but I don’t think WWE will ever put her in there. Because of her relationship with Triple H.

“Chyna was a big star.”

Now, that is simply speculation and the opinions of Bret Hart only, but many others may think the exact same thing. Last night on Monday Night RAW, there was a graphic before the show aired that was “In Memory” of Chyna, and then later in the night, a tribute video put together by WWE was played.

Another wrestling icon and WWE legend put up a picture of himself and Chyna, and then wrote a very touching post after her passing. Mick Foley hopped on his Facebook page and talked about the time he had spent with Joanie Laurer, and how she was going to “actively campaign for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

Foley let Chyna know that being inducted was one of the greatest nights of her life, but that it “doesn’t define me.” He didn’t want it to define her, either. Foley didn’t quite come out and say that Chyna won’t ever be inducted like Bret Hart did, but you can tell he has the same feeling.

“So next year, when the announcements are made, if Chyna is not an inductee, don’t be sad. The real Hall of Fame is inside all of us. It’s a Hall of Fame based on the way superstars made us feel, the smiles they produced, the memories they created for us, the legacies they forged that will stand the test of time. By that standard, Joanie Laurer – Chyna; the 9th Wonder of the World was inducted into the Hall that really matters – our hall of memories – a long, long time ago.”

If Chyna ever makes it into the WWE Hall of Fame, it seems as if it’s going to truly shock a lot of people. They won’t be shocked because she doesn’t deserve to be there or anything, but more so because of her past with Triple H.

The death of Chyna is one that hit a lot of people hard as she had a lot of friends and is a true icon in the world of wrestling. There are likely some political and backstage reasons that she would never be elected into the WWE Hall of Fame, but that could change. With this info starting to make the rounds and Bret Hart‘s comments out there, Triple H may have no choice but to make her an inductee one year soon.

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