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Tim Tebow Strikes ‘Sexy Jesus’ Pose For GQ

What’s more controversial? The fact that Tim Tebow, a second string quarterback, is on the cover of a national magazine, or that he strikes a sexy Jesus pose in one of the photos? Whatever topic you choose, one thing is for sure: Tim Tebow got people talking today after the latest issue of GQ hit newsstands.

According to Fox News, the controversial shirtless photo isn’t a new photo. The photo was originally taken while Tebow was playing for the Florida Gators. GQ touched up the image, removed any Gators references, and posted the photo online under the title “Have You Accepted Tim Tebow as Your QB and Sunday Savior?”

So yes, GQ is definitely playing into the controversy. And, well, so is Tebow.

The former Broncos Quarterback was traded from his 8-8 team last year for an aging veteran and is now playing backup to Mark Sanchez. For most players, that wouldn’t warrant a GQ cover. But there is so much hype around the Mile High Messiah that magazine covers and tabloid covers are bound to follow.

Author Devin Gordon writes:

“(Tebow-mania) has nothing to do with football…. It’s a sales pitch—a sensation built on evangelism, not ability, powered by people who see a chance to turn the NFL into the next front of the culture war… And now that culture war is coming to my team.”

Craig Carton, host of the WFAN sports radio show in New York City, was shocked at the “huge ego” that Tebow put on display by posing for the photo. Tebow has become famous for his strong Christian beliefs, but Carton says that it only takes one look at the “sexy Jesus” photo to find out what’s really important to Tebow.

tim tebow

Carton called Tebow a “narcissist,” a “fraud,” and an “ego-maniac,” saying:

“He gets it, he plays the role… He’s typically very, very sincere and very, very consistent about who he is and what his beliefs are… (But) You just saw a little inkling into what he thinks of himself.”

What do you think about Tim Tebow? Is he just tabloid fodder? Do you think he’ll help the New Y0rk Jets this year?

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