Windows Phone 7 Wont Be Fully Upgrades To Windows Phone 8

Details Surface For Windows Phone 7 To WP8 Upgrade. Legacy OS Will Not Receive Full Upgrade

Typically when a new mobile OS is on the horizon we report on all the new features that OS will receive, this time around a document from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation has revealed the features that will NOT be coming to WP7 when the company releases its next generation mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 7 devices may receive some over-the-air and other updates when Windows Phone 8 rolls out but not ALL of Microsoft’s planned editions. At this time it appears that the only targeted exclusions will be updates that are specifically based on hardware limitations. Basically older phones with slower processors, lesser displays and other options will force exclusionary measures.

In some cases devices with better specs have also been left off the list although a reason for those exclusions is not known at this time.

WP7 phones will continue to lack near-field communications (NFC) which is being used to power a new generation of credit card transactions which are sent directly from a users mobile device to credit card systems at thousands of retail locations.

WP7 devices will also be unable to run apps developed specifically for WP8 and they will not be capable of running Internet Explorer 10.

Some Windows Phone 7 will also be without secure boot, device management, encryption, company hub and the Microsoft Wallet feature.

Any updates that do arrive for the system will come in the form of a Windows Phone 7.8 update. Among new features will be a main screen user interface with Live Tiles, Wi-Fi tethering and new camera options.

Here’s the leaked PowerPoint exclusion/inclusion list:

Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 Exclusions

Will you be purchased a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in order to upgrade your devices OS capabilities?