Samsung S9910 Reveals Itself. Claims Thinnest Smartphone Watch Status

The Samsung S9910 claims to be the thinnest watch based Smartphone developed to date. A move I assume isn’t to hard to manage considering their are only a handful of Smartphone based watches available worldwide. Either way it’s a pretty cool looking device.

Th S9910 comes in at a relatively tiny 11.98mm while featuring a super cool 1.78 inch display with touchscreen capabilities (not all that great for fat fingered users). The phonewatch also features bluetooth and voice recognition for easier dialing and phone conversations.

For the business minded it even offers outlook email support, an option some standard size devices are still having trouble delivering. While it also features a speakerphone and music player.

Finally the watch features a very classy looking leather strap and is expected before the end of July for 450 Euros in France. [via MobileCrunch]