Face.com follows Photo Finder with Photo Tagger for Facebook

Back in May, we told you about Face.com’s Photo Finder, a facial recognition app for Facebook that aims to find tags for untagged photos floating about in your network.

Photo Finder has racked up some impressive stats since it launched, scanning over a billion faces and facilitating the tagging of over 400 million of those photos. (Point of reference for my fellow New Yorkers- that’s like tagging an entire rush hour 6 train full of people!) Here’s the stat breakdown, from Face.com’s blog:

13 Million photos scanned a day.
550 Thousand an hour.
9 Thousand a minute.
150 per second.

On average, a Photo Finder user uploads 300 pics and has around 10,000 in their network, 2/3s of which are untagged or partially tagged. Enter Photo Tagger. Photo Tagger was conceived to allow users to power-tag these untagged pics. It scans your albums or your friends’ albums, batches your peeps into groups and suggests tags for them. All you have to do is confirm the tags and the app pushes them out to Facebook.

Photo Tagger is currently in closed alpha, but it sounds like a handy little tool for making photo sharing more efficient. Check out the screencaps below to see the tagging process in action.