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Kobe Bryant, Michael B. Jordan Poke Fun At Kobe’s Age In New ‘Father Time’ Apple Ad

Kobe Bryant has not officially retired from the NBA yet, but he is already poking fun at himself in a big way.

The newest Apple commercial focuses on the longtime Los Angeles Lakers star poking fun at his old age. The title of the commercial, “Father Time,” should provide viewers with a huge sign to not take the Apple ad seriously. However, it is absolutely hilarious and did allow Kobe Bryant to show off his sense of humor and solid comic timing.

In the video, Bryant is sitting on a couch next to Creed star Michael B. Jordan. Jordan is apparently preparing for his upcoming role in a fake biopic which focuses on the life and career of Kobe Bryant.

However, it becomes crystal clear that what Kobe Bryant envisions for the movie and what Michael B. Jordan is working on are completely different. Kobe and Michael sit down in front of a television together and (with a little assistance from Siri) are able to watch footage based on their respective visions.

Kobe Bryant views footage of a much younger version of himself playing on the court. He pauses the video as the commentator asks, “How good in this kid?” in the background. When he presents his viewpoint on the footage to Michael B. Jordan (who is dressed in Kobe Bryant’s high school basketball team jersey) that is when the conversation takes an unexpected turn.

Kobe: See that? That’s the guy you”re playing in this movie. A cold-blooded assassin.

Michael: Locked in a battle with Father Time.

Kobe: Exactly… No. What?!

Michael: Like a hero…on the verge of a steep decline. It’s perfect!

Kobe: There’s no decline. It’s all ascension.

Michael: So, what part of you hurts the most?

Kobe: I don’t know. What does it matter to you? You’re playing young Kobe.

Michael: Oh, they didn’t tell you. I’m playing you all the way through now. I mean, with makeup and prosthetics and stuff like that.

Michael B. Jordan then asks Siri to play the 2008 David Fincher-directed film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Even though Kobe Bryant tries to tell Michael that he has already seen the movie, Michael quickly interrupts him and focuses back on talking to Siri.

The Fruitvale Station actor asks Siri to fast forward 20 minutes and 36 seconds into the movie — showing Brad Pitt’s character as a very old man with glasses and shriveled skin that can barely look through a window. Jordan then delivers a major punchline of the Apple commercial by saying, “Now that’s the guy I’m playing in this movie.” Moments later, Kobe Bryant forcefully tells Michael B. Jordan to get out of his trailer and wouldn’t even allow him to take a plum from the fruit dish along with him as a parting gift.

In recent seasons, many NBA fans and critics have wondered whether or not Kobe Bryant was a victim of Father Time — especially when you consider the vast number of games that the five-time champ has missed due to injuries and surgeries.

However, Kobe’s overall record and extensive list of career accomplishments speak volumes about his success in the NBA — building a solid foundation for his future as an NBA Hall of Fame inductee.

Perhaps that is why Kobe Bryant didn’t mind poking fun at himself and “Father Time” in this hilarious Apple ad.

[Image Credit: Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]