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NFL Rumors: Ryan Clady The Key To Colin Kaepernick Trade?

With the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and disgruntled QB Colin Kaepernick all engaged in a high-stakes game of salary cap poker, an important chip was removed from the table yesterday when the New York Jets traded for offensive tackle Ryan Clady.

As reported by Adam Schefter, the New York Jets swung a trade for OT Ryan Clady to fill the void left when their homegrown star D’brickashaw Ferguson retired unexpectedly.

Clady then signed a new free agent contract with the New York Jets, effectively terminating his previous contract with the Broncos.

“Clady arrived at the Jets’ complex for a physical Friday and agreed to a restructured contract with the Jets on Saturday, sources said. It’s a one-year deal worth $6 million in base salary, with $3 million of that guaranteed, and it could increase to $7.5 million based on playing time and/or honors.”

The deal also includes an “option year for a minimum of $10 million that could escalate to $13 million based on playing time,” Schefter reported with an additional clause that “includes a $2.5 million February bonus. If the Jets decline to pick up that option after this season, Clady will become a free agent.”

San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick
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On the flipside, the Broncos now have an extra $9.5 million dollars to work with. Logically, it then dictates that they’ll use that money to help close the $4 million dollar gap with Colin Kaepernick, right? Not so fast, says 9News out of Colorado.

“Trading away Ryan Clady may have given the Denver Broncos more salary cap room but it had no impact on whether the team acquires quarterback Colin Kaepernick,” the report reads. “According to a source, the Broncos offered Kaepernick a $7 million salary because that’s the going rate for elite backup quarterbacks. The Broncos are only offering Kaepernick a chance to compete with Mark Sanchez for their starting quarterback position.”

The article goes on to indicate that the deal for Colin isn’t dead yet, and that the next opportunity for the two sides to negotiate would be during the NFL Draft in a few weeks.

“The Broncos’ attitude about a Kaepernick trade is if it happens, great. If not, they will move on to the next available veteran quarterback.”

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mike Glennon
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So with the Clady deal seemingly having no impact and the the two sides at an effective stalemate — as reported by the Inquisitr — what options do the Broncos have at quarterback?

They’ve already reached out to New York Jets free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, as announced by NFL reporter Mike Silver on Twitter, but the reported asking price from Fitzpatrick’s people was too high.

Another intriguing option, as reported by CBS Sports, is to trade for Buffalo’s Tyrod Taylor, whose agents have suggested may not be happy with Rex Ryan’s team up north.

But as CBS Sports is quick to point out, what motivation would the Bills have in handing their starting QB over to Denver?

Other alternatives to Colin Kaepernick being floated out there are the soon to be released Brian Hoyer, who is the odd man out after the Brock Osweiler defection happened to Denver, or possibly even Tampa Bay’s Mike Glennon.

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