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Usain Bolt To Smuggle Jump Rope Into Olympic Games

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Who knows how fast Usain Bolt would have gone if he was allowed to do his normal warm-up with his jump rope. Olympic officials have prevented the world’s fastest man from bringing his jump rope into the Olympic Stadium on several occasions, but Bolt said that he won’t be stopped again.

Bolt said:

“I’m going to get it in tomorrow. I am going to put them at the bottom of my bag or something.”

Yahoo reports that there are strict policies about what can come into the Olympic Stadium. And apparently, Usain Bolt’s jump rope is on the banned list.

Bolt said:

“There are a lot of rules, oh my God…. You can’t do anything. I was coming and wanted to bring my tablets in and they said I couldn’t. I asked why. It is just a rule. I had my skipping rope in my bag and they said I can’t bring it in. Why? It is just a rule.”

But Bolt has managed without his jump rope so far. The world’s fastest man set a new world record in the 100 meter sprint and could to do the same in the 200. Bolt easily won his first heat on Tuesday and he is hoping to bring home another gold medal to Jamaica.

Olympics spokeswoman Jackie Brock-Doyle said that officials were looking into the situation. Brock-Doyle said:

“If it was taken away before the stadium, then that is not correct. If it was taken before he entered the field of play (track), then that is probably correct. We are still looking into it.”

Do you think Usain Bolt will be able to successfully smuggle his jump rope into the stadium?

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2 Responses to “Usain Bolt To Smuggle Jump Rope Into Olympic Games”

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  2. Anonymous

    This is not a set in stone IOC rule, so I say go for it. He got the rope in ultimately anyway when the ruling body backed off per Jacques instruction.

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