Google Adwords Gets New Dashboard As Google Redesigns Its Advertising Solution

Google Adwords Gets New Dashboard As Google Redesigns Its Advertising Solution

Google updated its Adwords dashboard. This is the latest update Google has made to its business tools. The update is a major update that reflects the change in technology, because it allows marketers to work in a multiscreen environment while also being able to work across multiple devices. This is the first major update to Google Adwords since Google created the advertising program 15 years ago.

Ad Age reported that Paul Feng, Product Management Director for Google Adwords, said that the update is meant to help advertisers reach consumers.

“This is for a multiscreen world and that means a lot of advertisers will be able to reach their users whether they are on YouTube, browsing on a tablet or if they’re using Google Maps. The goal is for advertisers to reach their consumer with a message, not because they understand the intricacies of search.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the latest update to Google’s suite of business tools was an update to Google Docs. The new update allows users to save documents to their Google Drive and then work on the documents offline. Another new feature introduced by Google is that it allows business owners to add expiration dates to the documents they are collaborating on with clients or other businesses. The changes to the Google suite of business tools offers enterprise level businesses another option when it’s time to choose how to collaborate on projects.

Until now, the Google Adwords dashboard has only seen a few minor updates. The latest update is a major overhaul to the user interface and will take about one year to implement. Certain advertisers will receive invitations to try out the Google Adwords dashboard. One major change is that advertisers will be asked to give their goals and objectives for their campaigns. Google is looking for a way to streamline the advertising process for those using the platform.

With the changes in devices and a big focus on mobile now, marketers have more demands placed on them in creating effective marketing campaigns. This is because consumer behavior is different depending on the device. Marketers will have to adapt to these changes, and Google is looking at campaign types as well as audiences to help marketers determine exactly where their traffic is coming from, particularly if it’s mobile. The goal is to help advertisers determine which ads are driving the most profit.

Fast Code Design reported that Google earned $74 billion in revenue last year from its properties, with most of the money coming from Google Adwords. Adwords is the last of Google’s tools to get a major makeover. This new design will incorporate Material Design, a modern design language developed by Google, and it will incorporate clean graphical design over lists, text, and numbers.

The ultimate goal of the Google Adwords redesign is to make the platform more usable. When Google started Adwords 15 years ago, they started with 350 customers. Mobile advertising didn’t exist, and the primary way that advertisers reached their customers was through the desktop.

Redesigning the new Google Adwords interface requires more than just surveys and polls in order to create a product that Google’s customers are satisfied with and will use. Google met with hundreds of Adwords users around the world to research the design, and their focus is on small business owners since this is the primary group that uses Adwords to market.

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