world's longest yard sale

World’s Longest Yard Sale Kicks Off Across Several States

The world’s longest yard sale is probably best suited for the US, considering our land mass and population, and it has kicked off across several states as vendors gather to share their wares.

The world’s longest yard sale is in its 25th year of operation, and vendors from Addison, Michigan, to Gadsden, Alabama have come together in a chain of Beanie Babies, VHS tapes and Tupperware.

The world’s longest yard sale started way back in 1987, and now stretches for an amazing 700 or so miles on the meandering route across Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. You might have to get up verrrrry early in the morning to traverse the bulk of the sale if such a feat is possible at all, but bargains abound for those who line up for the miles and miles of discounted goods.

And line up they do — a press release for the world’s longest yard sale indicates that while the traffic jams and crowds are off-putting to some locals along the 700 mile route, the annual event also drives business to locals and stimulates quiet summertime economies:

“A few dislike the snarled traffic associated with the sale, but all must admit, the sale is good for the economy along the corridor route… Locals sell their crafts, accommodations are filled, restaurants are crowded, and those renting vendor spaces also add to the local economy.”

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