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Tim Tebow Runs Shirtless, Draws Jeers At Jets Camp

Tim Tebow drew attention for a shirtless jog at Jets training camp

Tim Tebow is doing anything but blending in quietly at the start of training camp for the New York Jets.

The backup quarterback has drawn attention to the team’s camp in tiny Cortland, N.Y., for just about every move whether on or off the field. This weekend he was heckled by Jets fans in the team’s first practice after a poor performance, reported.

But it was another Tim Tebow action from the weekend practice that drew even more attention. As a downpour came across the practice grounds at SUNY College at Cortland, Tebow cast aside his shirt and took a jog in the rain. It was one that became a hot point for critics and a popular image for Tebow fans.

Tim Tebow’s teammates were a little perplexed by the run.

”Like I told Tim, I’ve never seen anybody decide to take their shirt off in the rain. Usually, I put stuff on. Maybe it was holy water, I don’t know,” linebacker Bart Scott told the Associated Press about Tebow’s bare-chested run Saturday.

“When we walked into the quarterbacks meeting room, we told Tim, ‘We’re just glad you kept your shirt on for the meeting’,” third-string quarterback Greg McElroy told API.

For his part, Tim Tebow said he didn’t understand all the attention, API reported. The 24-year-old quarterback told reporters he didn’t know what the big deal was–and were it anyone but Tim Tebow, it’s unlikely anyone would have noticed or cared.

On the field Tim Tebow has struggled. The Associated Press noted that during his reps on Sunday the quarterback had problems throwing in the team’s first practice in pads. He unofficially went 1 for 7–the same as starter Mark Sanchez–in 11-on-11 drills.

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34 Responses to “Tim Tebow Runs Shirtless, Draws Jeers At Jets Camp”

  1. Anonymous

    I guess I'm a little confused. He decides to run without a shirt in the rain and that's somehow wrong? If the "fans" of the Jets have such problems then they deserve to lose.

    You'd think someone there would appreciate the effort and let that be enough. Do they want their team to be better or what? Both QB's did poorly, the other day both did well. Competition makes the team stronger, not weaker.

  2. Tropang Unli Text Society

    What the &%# is the big deal about a player taking his shirt off in practice? I think tebow haters are growing fast because of his religious beliefs and the players are just jealous because of all the attention he's getting from the media. He is one of the better people in sports so leave the guy alone.

  3. Tropang Unli Text Society

    What the &%# is the big deal about a player taking his shirt off in practice? I think tebow haters are growing fast because of his religious beliefs and the players are just jealous because of all the attention he's getting from the media. He is one of the better people in sports so leave the guy alone.

  4. Murphy McManus

    ummm….. I dont get your statement. The public has been fine with Tebow all along. Its the leftist media blowing him apart because he believes in GOD! He's a fine individual. Leave his ass alone and let him live damnit

  5. Rob Liano

    I live on the boardwalk/ocean and always see people running or biking with their shirts off in the rain, what's the big deal? I guess it's only the Jets neanderthals that don't understand it?

  6. Murphy McManus

    People hate God nowadays. I dont care why its anyone's busines what he believes in or how he likes to train. This story is garbage

  7. David Phillips

    THE REST OF THIS STORY – In Denver, some Broncos receivers – who were Balck Muslims – would purposely drop 'catchable balls', just to make Whities look bad! TEBOW was transferred out of a "hostile work enviornment" because he is an Evangelical Christian! ** SO FAR — The [P-C] NFL Commissioner – hding behind 'business rationales' (sic.) – has been overly -tolerant, for fear of being called 'racist' by the predominantly Black Players Union! ** YET NFL FANS CAN STILL EXERCISE 'a market place right' to not purchase tickets, thus duscouraging racist actions currently quasi-sanctioned by NFL Commish and NFL Players Union! -30-

  8. Murphy McManus

    This article is garbage. Can you write about something that really matters. You guys are killing me how your "crucifying" this guy for believing God! You need to quit and find a job you're better at.

  9. Anonymous

    gee, it was hot, and he decided to run shirtless in the rain like you would in the shower….do you shower with your shirt on…..really, new york? this is a big deal? wow. just wow. and a third string quarterback talking to the "press"? I guess if you're third string, that's all you have time for, cause the chances of you starting is close to zero. might as well bad mouth him, eh? the only thing that this causes is sell tickets. these dolts should be grateful.

  10. Mary Lou Bordwell

    I live in Cortland and did not hear of this until I saw this. It is no big deal here. Nothing on the local news, chats. The big news people need to take a break. People run in this area with out shirts all the time. Get over yourself.

  11. Kimberly A Sibley

    Yeah the victim is always a bigoted muslim or athiest. Christians always have and always will be hated by the world a will be picked on for everything they do. Its a fact that with out Christ there is no compassion.

  12. Mellie Torre

    I agree that if it had been any other player, no notice would've been taken at all. The godless Left are so threatened by a true Christian they must feel compelled to denigrate him in any way possible, no matter how silly.

  13. Heidi Lynn Searls

    LOL yes butt Mary Lou…I will honestly say the men in Cortland DO NOT look like Timmie with there shirt off! I don't care what ANYONE says…I have Tebow-fever! Lol

  14. Vic Barnhart

    Okay, I don't care for TT's religious beliefs, but I've got no problem with him running around shirtless. Here in St. Louis, the St. Louis U. track team frequently runs through the streets shirtless. What is the big deal here?

  15. Dean Kane

    But I am pretty sure when it is 3rd and 2 and :03 seconds left, they will be not be jeering Tim Tebow? More like CHEERING… LOL

  16. Bobbie Payton Pitman

    As far as his religious beliefs, he's Christian, I'm Christian, so no problem here. I also don't see what the big deal about taking his shirt to run in the rain. It's not like he'll melt. It's SUMMER, right?

  17. Kimberly A Sibley

    Nope just the truth. Anyone else could have done this and it wouldnt have been a big deal but let Tim do it and he's breaking a rule or showing off. Sounds like a lot of guys are jelous and wish they had his body and loving personality. Aint a woman around that wouldnt blush if she looked her way and any real guy would be proud to be assosicated with such an upright not perfect guy. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  18. Anonymous

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  19. Suzann Lepisto

    think a shirt might look a bit better……….but whatever………it's not about how he runs – it's aout how he plays.

  20. Sandra Lynn

    Actually his teammates really like him. Every one of them has had nothing but great things to say about Tebow.

  21. Jim Cavello

    This is a cropped picture. That's not even his body. I've seen him and he is not this muscular at all. C'mon people. We can do anything with computers these days.

  22. Jim Cavello

    It's not even Tebow. Get real with all your godless crap. We can crop any pic now in the 21st century. Please keep you god crap to yourself.

  23. Wink Windsor

    Bart Scott's comment about Tebow taking his shirt off while it was raining is simply stupid. I guess if Tebow took his shirt off at the beach someone would find a reason to make similar asinine comments.

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