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Donald Trump Speaks Out On China And Islam: ‘We Can’t Let The World Take Advantage Of Us’

Donald Trump has called out China and Islam and is saying the U.S. government needs to be more cautious in dealing with foreign powers. Today, Donald Trump gave two lengthy interviews, one to CNBC about trade with China and another to CNN about the threat of Islam. Strangely, his views on both were very similar in theme. Namely, protect the U.S. from foreign exploitation.

Donald Trump has a clear message for China and other Asian nations, whom he says have manipulated their currency to put Americans at a disadvantage when dealing with them. CNBC reports Trump’s stance on Chinese imports and the flood of jobs leaving America for Asia. He accused China of outright currency manipulation.

“We can’t let the world take advantage of us from an economic standpoint. And that’s what they are doing,” he contended, calling for a stop to efforts by other countries to “suck more blood out of the United States.”

Donald Trump recognized that the devaluation of foreign currencies is undermining our economy, devaluing our labor, and exporting our jobs. Trump spoke out today against weak policies and weak leadership when it comes to trade negotiation with other nations, especially China. He even expressed a need for import tariffs, something conservatives have unilaterally fought against for decades if not centuries. Donald, however, now believes the United States should tax products coming into the country from foreign shores to level the playing field between cheap foreign goods and more expensive American-made products.

“You see [devaluations] almost everywhere except for the United States. We do nothing about it. We just sit back and let everybody do it. And that’s getting to be very dangerous. They’re taking advantage of our country. We don’t have strong leadership. We don’t have strong economic leadership at all.”

Donald Trump could be speaking of President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, which many otherwise loyal democrats oppose strongly. The TPP trade agreement with China and other Asian nations is a very divisive issue among Democrats, with few supporting Obama’s push to trade more with Asia. The public outcry against the TPP has been overwhelming, with numerous petitions and angry rants on the issue within the liberal community. Truth-Out has a prime example of this type of criticism. Is Trump looking ahead to a time where he is facing Hillary Clinton in the general election? While Hillary has distanced herself from the TPP, she was initially a strong supporter of this trade agreement with China and South East Asia.

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While Donald Trump says he supports free trade, perhaps our trade negotiations need to toughen up quite a bit. Again taking square aim in the cracks of Democrat unity, namely the TPP, he attacked the Obama administration’s failure to negotiate advantageously. It was another swipe at Obama and his vastly unpopular TPP. The Donald chose not mention TPP directly and left it as a generic critique. Hillary Clinton, though, would be guilty by association, since she has been part of that administration and showed support for the TPP until her voters demanded otherwise. Was it a retaliation for Clinton’s recent vow to take Donald down?

“We are being out-negotiated at every corner.”

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Donald Trump spoke with CNN star Anderson Cooper at length about Islam. He did not make the politically correct apologist differentiation between Islamic terrorists and peaceful Muslim immigrants when he stated his simple conclusion on the issue.

“I think Islam hates us.”

When Donald Trump felt corrected by the apparent unease of Anderson Cooper, who is necessarily very conscious of being politically correct. In his field, he has to be. Trump responded by letting Cooper know it was hard to tell the difference between one and the other. There was a sense in his statement that let Anderson Cooper know that he felt it best to err on the side of caution.

“it’s very hard to define. It’s very hard to separate. Because you don’t know who’s who.”

Trump let Cooper know in no uncertain terms that he intended to be very tough on Islamic terrorism, and if that meant being tough on all Islam, then that was how it had to be.

“We have to play the game at a much tougher level than we’re playing it now. We have to be very vigilant. We have to be very careful. And we can’t allow people coming into this country who have this hatred of the United States.”

Donald Trump is making a stand against foreign influence from China and Islam, which has been very politically popular since 9/11 and the economic collapse that has been nearly perpetual since the turn of this century. Many Americans want a strong leader to protect them from exploitation. By defining an enemy outside our country, rather than the hated one percent and graft-accepting politicians, he is seeking to unify the country against an enemy outside our borders.

Donald Trump has spoken about China and Islam reflecting the economy and terrorism, two of the greatest concerns of most Americans.

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